Idea from Moscow: use T-62M as artillery against Germany’s Leopard

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MOSCOW, RUSSIA — Russian military historian Mr. Yuri Knutov suggests that Moscow send the obsolete Soviet T-62 tanks against the German Leopards. He says it is best if the tanks are the upgraded T-62M version. Mr. Knutov is the director of the Russian Air Defense Museum.

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Unexpectedly, his idea was well received by the Indian military analyst Mr. Vijainder K. Thakur. He says the idea makes sense if the T-62Ms are used as tracked self-propelled artillery. According to Mr. Thakur, if Moscow decides to use the T-90 as a chain artillery, it will be a loss for the Russians. But if he throws the outdated T-62M into battle. the idea now makes sense. According to the Indian military analyst, Moscow should not send T-62 against Leopard, but fire them from a distance.

The T-62M tanks have improvements and are comparable to the T-72. The use of drones to more precisely direct artillery fire against enemy systems will not be new, but a proven method in the war in Ukraine.

The T-62 is already deployed in Ukraine, and we have witnessed videos in recent days of their shipment by train. Mr. Knutov believes that the T-62 can fight Leopard 2 and Leopard 2. We know that Ukraine will get both versions of the German Leopard. I.e. according to a Russian expert, currently, in Ukraine, tanks are indeed used as self-propelled artillery. It would be justified to send the T-62 to the front-line first.

The T-62M has an integrated optics and communications system that is more comparable to that of the T-72 than to that of the basic base version T-62 tank. The optical system, for example, in the T-62M is not the outdated Soviet, but a modern-day and night system, like the T-72.

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Additional integrations can be made on the tank to ensure their long life on the battlefield, Knutov believes, suggesting the placement of additional dynamic protection on the hull and turret of the tank.

Dynamic protection will bring the T-62M closer to the protection of the most advanced T-90M tank used in Ukraine. We have explained that dynamic protection is the placement of an explosion between two simultaneously parallel moving plates, but in opposite directions to rob the cumulative energy of the anti-tank missile.

This technology was introduced in Soviet and Russian tanks. Germany at one time also tried to integrate it and it failed, but after tests, it judged that this design threatened the life of the tank and the tank crew more than if it was not there.

Mr. Knutov believes that the combat capability of the T-62M will not be inferior to Leopard 1 and Leopard 2. He makes the same statement in terms of projectile effacement, most likely referring to the long range of the tanks.

Photo: Wikipedia

Soviet T-62M

The T-62 is a Soviet tank. It is from the Cold War era and entered service in 1961. After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the subsequent formation of Russia, Moscow is believed to have inherited hundreds of T-62 tanks. I.e. Moscow has quantities of this tank model.

For the first time, these tanks began to be modernized sometime in the 80s of the last century. The first modernization of the tank led to the fact that the Russians began to make different sub-variants of the T-62. Some of them received Kontakt-1 reactive armor and the first-generation Drozd active protection system.

Currently, according to various sources, Moscow most often sends T-62MB and T-62M tanks to Ukraine. The T-62M can be easily distinguished from other versions of the T-62. This is done by looking at the turret of the tank – if it is covered with the passive application armor, then it is a T-62M tank.

However, experts say that the additional protection of the T-62 provides very little protection and cannot actually save the tank from an anti-tank missile flying toward it. No matter how many improvements are made, tanks are the most vulnerable and seem to be easily destroyed by all accounts, especially judging by the Russian losses in this war.

Rumor has it that Russia will upgrade at least 800 T-62 tanks and send them to Ukraine. Most likely the ones we see in the videos traveling to the front have already undergone the upgrade in question. However, the T-62M is not expected to seriously counter Ukrainian tanks, especially if they engage in direct combat with German and British tanks. We’ve seen how the Ukrainian troops have a lot of destroyed and already captured modernized T-62s.

T-62M may serve Russia only to prolong their offensive on Ukrainian soil. Russia has them in stock, and their withdrawal from the stockpiles is clearly intended to do just that.


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