Russian Kilo-class submarines fired torpedoes in the Black Sea

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MOSCOW, RUSSIA — Recently, the Russian Navy has been conducting exercises with mine-layers, submarines and warships in the Black Sea. This was reported by several sources referring to official information from the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Photo credit: Russian MoD

Russia has conducted exercises with its submarines in the Black Sea, the MoD said. As part of the exercise, torpedo firings were carried out from an underwater position. The participating submarines were the Kilo-class submarines B-271 Kolpino and B-262 Stary Oskol of the Black Sea Fleet.

What do the Russian statements say?

The following statements were included in the press release published on the official website of the Russian Ministry of Defense:

The crews of the diesel-electric submarines Kolpino and Stary Oskol of the Black Sea Fleet [Black Sea Fleet] fired practical torpedoes from underwater. During the event, the submarines moved to the combat training area, conducted a series of preparatory exercises and dived to a predetermined depth for firing.

Photo credit: TASS

The submarine crew successfully completed the assigned tasks and fired a torpedo from an underwater position at a simulated sea target at an acceptable safe distance from one of the ships of the fleet.

After firing, all the torpedoes were lifted out of the water by a torpedo boat. The effectiveness of the use of torpedo weapons by the crews of Black Sea submarines will be evaluated after receiving data on the guidance of torpedoes to the target in laboratory conditions. Torpedo shootings are a mandatory element of the combat training of submarines and are carried out according to the approved plan.

Russia conducted anti-mine drills in the Black Sea

At the same time, Russia conducted a mine countermeasure exercise, also in the Black Sea. According to the statement of the Russian Ministry of Defense, the mines were laid by Buyan-M class corvettes RFS Graivoron, RFS Ingushetia, RFS Vyshny Volochyok, Alexandrite-class minesweeper RFS Ivan Antonov, Natya-class minesweeper RFS Kovrovets.

After the laying of the mines, the Russian Black Sea Fleet conducted a third exercise – on crossing minefields.

Exercise in the Baltic region

Earlier, reported that the Russian Baltic Fleet also conducted exercises of its Su-30SM and Su-30SM2 air squadrons. The goal was to check the operational readiness of the latest upgrade – the Su-30SM2.

According to the VKS, the exercise in the Kaliningrad region is aimed at preparing pilots to destroy command posts, manpower, and enemy convoys of vehicles, including armored fighting vehicles. Su-30SM and Su-30SM2 crews also train in air combat and landing operations. Providing air support to the Baltic fleet is also part of the exercise.

Photo credit: Soldar

The exercise is large-scale in nature. Russian fighters fly and train in a configuration of high maneuverability and conduct reconnaissance activities. According to the plan of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the participants in this exercise will have to strike 20 targets of different natures. I.e. mobile, stationary, bunkers, fortified areas, and quarters.


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