BPz3 armored vehicle for tank evacuation was sent to Ukraine

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OTTAWA, CANADA — An armored tracked vehicle for the evacuation of tanks from the battlefield is traveling to Ukraine. This is the German-Dutch BPz3 known by its full name Bergepanzer Büffel. Loaded on an An-124, the auxiliary armored vehicle is a donation from Canada and is already flying to the Ramstein base in Germany.

The head of the Canadian Ministry of Defense, Mrs. Anita Anand, published a video on her social Twitter profile of the Ukrainian An-124 being loaded onto the armored vehicle. “More Canadian military aid is en route to Ukraine. We will Stand With Ukraine for as long as it takes,” she wrote in the text of the attached video.

The video captured the entry of the heavily armored vehicle into the cargo bay of the large transport aircraft. In addition to the BPz3, local sources claim that Ottawa is sending more “military stuff” to Kyiv without specifying what kind they are. BulgarianMilitary.com recalled that Canada sent Leopard 2 tanks to Kyiv.

Video screenshot

This new Canadian aid follows an agreement reached earlier this week at the Ramstein base for allies to send more military aid to Ukraine. The new aid package was announced yesterday, March 18, by Ukrainian President Mr. Volodymyr Zelensky. According to local sources, Ottawa may send five additional Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine in the coming weeks.

Bergepanzer Büffel

The Bergepanzer Büffel [BPz3] is a 30-year-old design. In addition to removing damaged tanks from the battlefield, the BPz3 also serves to support repair work, as well as to help the combat vehicles cross rivers.

The BPz3 is produced by the German company Rheinmetall and is based on the chassis of the Leopard 2 tank. According to Rheinmetall, a total of 200 units of this support vehicle were produced for operators worldwide.

Video screenshot

The BPz3 is equipped with a winch that unwinds and winds a rope up to 180 meters long. Between 35 and 70 tons of weight can be pulled with the winch by the German-Dutch auxiliary vehicle. The Bergepanzer can also tow a weight of 105 tons if it deploys a second deflection roller. The pulling force of the auxiliary winch is 6.5 kN, and the crane system can rotate 270°.


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