Ukraine delivered the engines for the Turkish attack helicopter T929

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ANKARA, TURKEY — Ukraine has delivered to Turkey the engines of the T929 heavy attack helicopter, also known as ATAK-II. The engines will be used in the first ATAK-II prototype, reports local media

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Work continues under the heavy-class attack helicopter project initiated by the Defense Industry Presidency [SSB] in 2019. The T929 heavy attack helicopter, also known as ATAK-II, is scheduled to make its maiden flight this year.

According to, the engines are model TV3-117VMA-SBM1V-01T, which will be used in the first ATAK-II prototype named T0. The first prototype of the T929 Heavy Class Attack Helicopter, currently under assembly, is expected to integrate engines and begin ground testing this month.

The first users of the T929 Heavy Class attack helicopter will be the Ground Forces Command and the Naval Forces Command of Turkey.

Ukraine will supply 14 engines

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According to Turkish sources, within the framework of the agreement with the Ukrainian company “Motor Sich,” 14 engines for ATAK-II will be delivered. According to the plans, the 14 engines should be delivered by the end of 2025.

Turkish sources mention that the engines were delivered to Turkey at the end of January. However, the news is only now coming to light. Until now, the engines have been stored at Turkish Aerospace Industries [TAI] facilities.

The first two engines were due to arrive in 2022. The war in Ukraine and the need for time to move much of Ukraine’s military manufacturing complex overseas delayed deliveries. In Turkey, however, they take this fact into account, even saying that the demand was less than expected. The delay was within four months.

The T929, which is under development, is of the same class as the American AH-64 Apache and the Russian Ka-52.

What do we know about ATAK-II?

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The ATAK-II is a Turkish heavy attack helicopter operated by a two-man crew. Its flight ceiling is expected to be up to 20,000 feet. The helicopter will be able to perform day and night missions and operational tasks, with a maximum flight speed expected to be around 172 kts.

The cockpit is expected to be protected by 12.7 mm bullet-resistant armor. The helicopter will be able to launch missiles from six wing stations. Separately, the ATAK-II is armed with a 30mm gun system. The helicopter will be able to drop free-falling munitions. Firing guided and unguided missiles is also part of the attack helicopter’s weapons capabilities. Additionally, the ATAK-II will be able to launch radar-guided missiles.

Some of the avionics of the new Turkish helicopter include a modular architecture and a target detection radar. Pilot helmets will be standard on modern fifth-generation fighters. I.e. the pilots get a picture and the ability to navigate in the helmet.


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