One fifth of Ukraine’s territory for Russia, Putin says ‘No’

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PANAGYURISHTE, BULGARIA — It is good for the public to understand how politics works. War is a part of politics, and a fundamental one at that. Historically, wars have been won and lost in two ways – either through the complete surrender of one of the two adversaries, or through a peace treaty. The first involves a grueling war, the capture of the capital, and the recognition of the victor by the losing side. The second way involves behind-the-scenes actions driven mostly by political interests.

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When news broke that Washington had offered a fifth of Ukraine’s territory to Russia, waited and did not immediately publish the claims. They came mostly from the German press, later distributed in the American press through the publication Newsweek. has had sources in Israel for years and our editors were advised to wait because the former Israeli Prime Minister Mr. Naftali Bennett is about to be interviewed. Now that the interview is a fact, let’s reveal the behind-the-scenes action from February 24, 2022 to today.

For years, without a direct conflict, but pursuing political interests, the Pentagon has published in its annual report that the US continues to perceive Russia as a major threat. Perhaps this is Washington’s justification in recent decades for “pushing” NATO to increase its bases, through new member countries, ever closer to Russian territory. China has almost displaced Russia as a priority in the past three years, but Moscow has never been forgotten by Washington.

American President Mr. Joe Biden openly supports Ukraine. It can be said that Kyiv’s military budget is currently funded by Washington. At the beginning of last year, in the middle of last year, and at the end of last year, things haven’t changed that drastically. Moscow showed that it could send a 40 km column to the outskirts of Kyiv in a short time, and it did. It also showed that it can withdraw the column and focus on its main objective – Donetsk and Crimea.

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The White House’s belief that Ukraine could deal with Russia and expel the invader gradually began to disappear. This is quite disturbing, calling into question the expertise of US intelligence. How is it possible to know with precision the week Russia will attack Ukraine, and at the same time not know for over seven decades that Russia is stockpiling weapons in almost every city at home, and hundreds of cities in the small republics of the Russian Federation?

Russia can fight a conventional war, but that doesn’t mean it can win it. Russia can wage a war of attrition. Look at Syria. That is why tanks, howitzers, artillery, infantry suffer defeats. But Russia has missiles, lots of missiles. Who said there are rules to be followed in war? Who said that in war what one opponent does, the other must do as well?

This brings us to the beginning of this year. A period in which believers in the White House that Russia will lose are diminishing. Mr. Biden is already beginning to doubt that Ukraine will win. But these are ulterior motives. He will not publicly acknowledge them. But it is not necessary when you show them with your actions.

CIA Director Mr. William Burns was in Moscow. He has offered Russian President Mr. Vladimir Putin a peace treaty if he agrees to accept a fifth of Ukraine’s territory. As we said, we ordinary people read history which shows us that attrition war is a Russian tactic. Mr. Putin believes he will win and therefore has rejected the offer. Newsweek writes this, Swiss-German newspaper NZZ also writes this.

The US and NATO are currently locked in a stalemate. They are sending artillery, ammunition, the first tanks are expected, there is talk of possible negotiations for the delivery of aircraft. Interesting how no one notices that NATO Secretary General Mr. Jens Stoltenberg attends every meeting at the Ramstein base. If NATO is a defensive alliance, what is NATO currently defending? There may be checkmate soon or in the next decade. Because if the USA, Ukraine and Ukraine’s allies win against Russia, they already announce that it will be a victory for NATO. What if it loses? Will it be a loss for NATO or will we listen to statements like “NATO and the USA did not participate in the war”. We already know the excuses, believe me, they are just political statements that follow the letter of the law when it suits them.

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Whether the claims of the Western press about Mr. William Burns’s trip and proposal are true – we leave it to you to judge. But what about the interview with the man for whose sake we were asked not to rush this analysis?

In a video interview, the former Israeli prime minister announced that Zelensky feared assassination and asked Naftali Bennett to speak with Putin. After receiving an answer from the Kremlin master that Zelensky would not be killed, “two hours later Zelensky went to his office and took a selfie in the office, [in which the Ukrainian president said] ‘I’m not afraid’ and all’‘ says Bennett.

Naftali Bennett also noted that the Ukrainian president asked him to turn to the Russian leadership, and from his side it was a “request for help.” “Zelensky called me and asked me to contact Putin. I have everything on tape. (…) It was very difficult for him. Remember, he was sure then that his days were numbered, that they would destroy him,” said the former Israeli prime minister. At the same time, he added that he had “fully coordinated all his actions” with the leaders of the US, Britain, Germany and France.

However, Israel’s former leader drops another breaking news. The war could have been ended already in the spring of 2022. Mr. Bennett says that the negotiations at the time, which took place behind the scenes between Russia and Ukraine with the help of mediators, including Bennett himself, were interrupted at the initiative of Western countries.

Western leaders are divided on the next steps. “You see, every leader has his own approach. You can divide the leaders into those who stick to the line: ‘We have to push Putin back’ and Scholz were more pragmatic, say. “Biden supported both approaches,” Bennett said.

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Many things can be said about the war, about Ukraine and about Russia. Both good and bad. But there is something that is obvious, continues to be kept silent, and is actually highly hypocritical and violates international law. The supply of Soviet and Russian weapons to Ukraine.

Today, countries such as Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and many others that have Soviet or Russian weapons in stock or in service are donating them to Ukraine. When did Moscow allow this re-export? When everyone who loudly shouts “we follow the letter of the law” started breaking rules that they themselves wrote and are supposed to follow. How will Poland feel, for example, if an end user of a Polish artillery sells or donates it to Russia? We imagine “what a wolf’s howl to heaven it will be”. How do you expect someone to follow same rules which break?

Yes, we know. We have someone to learn these vicious practices from. We know that the US will throw everything foreign into a doomed war, because this war is not on the North American continent, but in Europe. Away from New York, Washington, Texas, etc. Yes, we follow the example of “honest and transparently equal” Washington. This same capital city, which buys Soviet weapons from Bulgaria, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Romania, violates the prescribed rules for the re-export of weapons, and by some chance they end up in the hands of ISIS, Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations. Yes, there is someone to learn hypocrisy from!


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