Russia: F-16 fighter is too durable for our MiG-31 and Su-35

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MOSCOW, RUSSIA — Reserve Captain First Rank Vasily Dandykin analyzes the prospects for Western weapons in the war in Ukraine. According to Voennoe Delo, the military expert noted that the US and the collective West are testing Russia’s strength with new supplies of military equipment.

Photo credit: USAF

According to the expert, the West failed to break Russia last year, and today they are running out of arguments with conventional weapons. Therefore, according to Dandykin, after the tanks and “smart bombs” GLSDB, combat aircraft can be delivered.

“The Europeans can give the F-16, but the United States seems to have nothing to do with it, they don’t give anything themselves,” the expert explains. Vasily Dandykin emphasizes that the US is making the most of its European allies. “Let’s say the Netherlands will transfer the F-16 or some other country, but the Americans are the ones who give the green light for the delivery,” says the interlocutor Dandykin.

According to Dandykin, NATO people will de facto be engaged in the operation of Western models of military equipment in Ukraine, since it is simply unrealistic to train Ukrainian specialists in such a short time.

As for the confrontation, as the expert emphasized, the F-16 in terms of its functionality and performance is a serious challenge for the Russian Air Force. “The F-16 is a 4th generation fighter, it will be too durable against our Su-35, Su-35SM, and MiG-31,” analyzed the Russian reserve pilot. Dandykin, however, believes that if the F-16 and MiG-31 or Su-35 meet in the sky over Ukraine, Russian warplanes have the resources to deal with the American fighter.

In addition, he believed that enemy aircraft should not only be destroyed en masse, and those who shot them down should be financially encouraged, but also captured for further study of the technology. “This is absolutely correct,” concluded Voennoe Delo’s interlocutor. recalls that in recent years the possibility of Ukraine receiving Western fighter jets has been seriously discussed. Most often, the F-16 model began to be mentioned after the Netherlands and Poland expressed a desire to provide their inventories to Ukraine. At the moment, Washington refuses to comment on a possible delivery of F-16s to Kyiv.


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