Ukraine has deployed an ‘Egyptian’ air defense system IRIS-T

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KYIV, UKRAINE — The first photo of the IRIS-T air defense system delivered to Ukraine appeared on the network. This is the first known photo of this system in Ukraine. According to the pro-Ukraine NMFTE Telegram account, the system was intended for export. Judging by the camouflage, NMFTE says, “the complexes were intended for Egyptian needs.”

Photo credit: Telegram

In 2017, Egypt decided to significantly improve its air defense capabilities. Cairo needed to upgrade and did so by acquiring systems from Russia, Germany, the US, and France.

It first received the Russian S-300VM/Antey-2500 air defense systems. It wasn’t long before Cairo decided to buy Russian TOR-2ME surface-to-air ballistic missiles. A year later, the US sold the Chaparral air defense system to Egypt. From France, the Africans decided to purchase the Thales Ground Master 400 [GM400] AESA radars for air defense.

IRIS-T in Egypt

The European IRIS-T air defense systems were approved through a contract by the German federal government. He was signed in 2021. According to the agreement, Cairo will have to deploy 23 IRIS-Ts in different versions.

According to the signed sales contract, Cairo is buying 10 long-range IRIS-T SLX systems, seven medium-range IRIS-T SLM systems, and six short-range IRIS-T SLS systems. The previously purchased French Thales Ground Master 400 radars are expected to be integrated into cooperation with IRIS-T.

Europe’s multi-layered air defense will greatly strengthen Egypt’s defenses. Cairo will be able to protect its skies from drones, aircraft, ballistic and cruise missiles, helicopters, anti-aircraft and anti-aircraft missiles.

IRIS-T in Ukraine

Germany is the supplier of the anti-aircraft missile system in Ukraine. According to Ukrainian sources, the system is an SLM model. I.e. medium range system.

In October, the first reports emerged that the Ukrainian IRIS-T had shot down the Russian Kh-101 cruise missile. This happened, sources say, on October 19 in Chernihiv Oblast, which is located 30 km from the capital Kyiv.

Ukrainian armed forces are believed to have deployed IRIS-T around Kyiv. The same is claimed for another modern air defense system that Ukraine received – NASAMS. Most likely, sources say, the two expected Patriot systems [USA and Germany] will also be located in the capital region.


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