Ukraine acquired Canadian 4×4 all-terrain tactical vehicle Senator

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KYIV, UKRAINE — On December 30, Ukrainian media reported that Canada had sent the Senator 4×4 all-terrain tactical vehicle. They are part of Canada’s military aid, which began in February 2022. recalls that Russian troops invaded the country on February 24 last year.

Photo credit: Ukrainian Border Guard

A hundred military vehicles were delivered. The Ukrainian website Suspilne announced that they were initially assigned to the Chernihiv border unit. The machines are to be re-equipped and sent across other borders to the punks in the country. From the statement of a senior border officer, it is clear that machine guns will be mounted on armored vehicles.

The Senator 4×4 is a Canadian armored personnel carrier manufactured by Roshel Defense Solutions. It is new and was presented for the first time at AUSA 2018. Depending on the mission and deployment, the vehicle is available in different variants – with 2 or 4 doors, or with the option of a hydraulic ramp.

Senator’s protection

The Canadian Senator 4×4 has glass installed on the windows, which according to the specification can withstand an attack from a -50 caliber weapon. The ballistic steel used to coat the skeleton and chassis is tailored to take continuous bullet fire as well as being highly resistant to single-component blasts. This fully applies not only to the visible part of the vehicle but also to its floor.

The first impression of the Ukrainian border guards on the ballistic protection of the vehicle is excellent. A Ukrainian officer quoted by Suspilne says that, in his opinion, the Senator 4×4 will withstand large-caliber small arms as well as some high-explosive projectiles.

The Canadian Senator 4×4 is a light vehicle. It weighs about 8 tons, which makes it not only fast but also quite mobile on any terrain. Experts say the maneuverability is due to the short wheelbase and gives maneuverability with a turning radius of 17.5′.

The vehicle is quite spacious and gives freedom of movement inside the transport cabin. It can carry up to 12 soldiers in full combat gear. From the statement of the Ukrainian border officer in front of Suspilne, it is clear that the Ukrainians will most likely transport up to eight border guards in full combat arms. The remaining space is completely capable of being slightly reconfigured, which will allow for the loading of additional ammunition and weapons required for the mission.

CBRN systems

Against the background of the war with the Russian armed forces and the uncertainty of what weapon the Russians are capable of using at any given time, the vehicle has an integrated chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear defense system. The Canadian builders of the Senator 4×4 say that when the soldier is in the vehicle, in one of the above-described possible attacks, there is no need to use gas masks. This is achieved through excellent air conditioning and the filtering of harmful particles.

Photo credit: Ukrainian Border Guard

Senator 4×4 has various additional systems that help detect and measure toxic and explosive gases and detect radiation.

Ukrainian border guards are very happy with this new technique. The quoted Suspilne border guard says that the car was not simply built or made, but was thought to be functionally useful. “For the military, this is necessary,” concludes the border guard philosophically.


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