Turkey purchased 8 German gyrocopters for guarding urban areas

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ANKARA, TURKEY — The Turkish Gendarmerie will guard and monitor traffic in rural and urban areas with eight gyrocopters. This became clear after the Minister of the Interior, Mr. Suleiman Soylu, announced the order for eight gyrocopters. The supplier of the “pioneering solution” for the Turkish gendarmerie is the German company AutoGyro, and the chosen gyrocopter is Cavalon.

Photo credit: savunmasanayist.com

The eight aircraft will be assigned to the General Directorate of Security. They will have to cover a wide area of the country’s cities and rural areas. Road traffic monitoring and ensuring the security of Turkish residents will be at the core of the functional operational capability of the gyrocopters. Currently, the General Directorate of Security operates with various helicopters.

Choosing a gyrocopter as part of the gendarmerie’s aviation fleet is definitely an innovative decision. Unlike helicopters, gyrocopters have much lower operating costs.

The Cavalon gyrocopter is powered by a Rotax engine producing 145 horsepower. Cavalon is designed for two pilots side by side on the principle of the helicopter cockpit. Turkish gyrocopters will be equipped with surveillance cameras. The Cavalon has an autopilot system. It can stay in the air for up to 6 hours. The maximum distance it will be able to cover with one fuel tank charge is 600 km. The maximum flight speed is 165 km/h.

During a gendarmerie ceremony, Mr. Soylu announced that Turkey had been working closely with the German designer and manufacturer of the gyrocopter. The design and production process lasted two and a half years. Mr. Soylu announced that the gyrocopter had actually already been tested. There is no confirmation, but most likely the tests were carried out in Germany.

Photo credit: savunmasanayist.com

Cavalon will take off from a very short runway – 110 meters. Its engine is located directly behind the cockpit. The main rotor of the cockpit is the wing of the aircraft. The gyrocopter itself is a very light aircraft.

In recent years, it has become more and more popular in Turkey, as well as around the world. Its high crosswind limit is the biggest advantage of its more stable flight compared to other light aircraft.

The gendarmerie will be able to make much longer flights more economically with the gyrocopter, which it will mainly adopt. Large areas will be scanned.


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