Ex-prisoner and leftist Lula took over Brazil, restored the Amazon fund

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BRASILIA, BRAZIL — Thrown behind bars in 2019 and won Brazil’s elections last October, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva took over the government of Brazil after taking office on January 1, 2023. Lula promised that his administration would not seek revenge.

Photo by Andre Penner/AP

At the same time, former Brazilian President Bolsonaro did not recognize Lula’s victory and left for the United States. Bolsonaro caused a storm of Brazilian opposition and his supporters by declaring the elections held as electoral weaknesses.

Lula, for his part, in an address to the nation, declared that democracy alone was the winner in Brazil. He said democracy was able to not only win but did so by overcoming threats to voting freedom, indirectly blaming Bolsonaro for that. Lula called the election campaign “the most blatant campaign of lies and lies,” once again turning the spotlight on Bolsonaro’s campaign staff.

Bolsonaro and Covid-19

BulgarianMilitary.com recalls that Lula was in prison for a certain period in 2019. He was then accused of corruption and embezzlement, but the convictions were later overturned. Shortly after, Lula accused the Bolsonaro administration that Brazil’s high death toll during the Covid epidemic was the fault of Bolsonaro, who failed to respond in time and Brazil parted with more than 680,000 Brazilians infected with Covid-19.

It’s important to note that Bolsonaro has lost his presidential immunity, meaning he faces dozens of lawsuits related to anti-democratic rhetoric during his tenure and campaign, as well as lawsuits that could stem from the Covid-19 pandemic. -19.

US President Mr. Joe Biden has already congratulated the new Brazilian leader, once again distancing himself from the conflicted Bolsonaro, who is currently in Florida. U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken tweeted that he expects the relationship between Brazil and the U.S. to be restored soon and to restore trade, security, and innovation between the two countries.

Unfrozen Amazon fund

President Lula has already signed some of his first decisions as the new president of the largest country in Latin America. Lula unfroze the Amazon fund, which is financed by the European countries Norway and Germany and is about stopping the destruction of the world’s most famous forest.

Mr. Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva also decided to restore the powers of the government’s environmental agency Ibama. This agency fights illegal deforestation. Something that under Bolsonaro was drastically trampled and reached the highest peak of illegal logging in 15 years.

Photo credit: Evaristo Sa

There are no two Brazils

Lula received the symbolic presidential sash, a symbol in Brazil, to the applause of tens of thousands gathered at the event. Otherwise, in an open Rolls-Royce, Lula and his wife arrived at the Planalto Palace during the official ceremony. Congratulations to the new president were also sent by the new British King Charles, who emphasized that he expects in-depth cooperation between Great Britain and Brazil, especially regarding the environment.

During his speech, the new Brazilian president promised to be fiscally prudent. But in his speech, Lula also said he would do everything possible to stop hunger and inequality among Brazilians. As one of the main goals that Lula highlighted in her speech is improving women’s rights in the country. Lula pledged to fight racism and Brazil’s legacy of slavery.

“There are no two Brazils,” Lula said. “We are one country, one great nation.”


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