80,000 Afghans who fled the Taliban could end up with them again

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WASHINGTON, USA — In 2021, within a few days, the US took action to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan. Together with them and according to the agreement with the Taliban, 80,000 Afghans flew to the United States. They have been collaborators of the US military for the last 20 years of the American military presence in the Asian country.

Photo by Barbara Davidson

It is logical that the local population, who risked their lives for the benefit of the American troops, should be sent to the USA for protection. There is no doubt that the Taliban will avenge their actions if they return to Afghanistan. Here’s the problem – the chance of this happening is high.

Congress has promised temporary immigrant visas to Afghan contributors. Upon arrival in the US, they received them. But they expire at the end of 2023 as there was no time for Afghan migrants to obtain the desired SIV visa. Incredibly, today it seems that the US Congress is ready to expel Afghan migrants, turning them into “sacrificial lambs”.

In the US there is The Afghan Adjustment Act, i.e. is prepared for voting but not tabled. It concerns Afghan migrant women. However, this law is not one-party, but two-party. The American online media Military.com writes that this law is almost dead. Leaders of both parties ignored him, writes Mrs. Trudy Rubin of Military.com. The situation is as follows – the chance in 2023 that the Republican-led Congress will repeal the law is zero.

Ms. Rubin says: “Do congressional leaders, Democrats and Republicans, really plan to stand by while tens of thousands of Afghan allies are loaded on planes and sent back to the Taliban? It seems so.”

Photo credit: Al Jazeera

The Afghan Adjustment Act is already facing opponents. It turns out that the only various veterans’ organizations in the US are currently the most active in his defense. Republicans and Democrats have ignored it, and apparently, no one in the US wants to remember Afghanistan anymore.

Senior Republicans such as Iowa Senator Mr. Chuck Grassley, whose opinions are valued and respected in the GOP, among others, are strongly opposed to this legislation. Moreover, more and more Republicans are demanding an investigation into the actions of US President Mr. Joe Biden regarding the chaotic actions in withdrawing US troops from Afghanistan and accepting those 80,000 Afghans into the US. Thus, at the end of 2022, the law guaranteeing the permanent status of Afghans in the USA did not even reach the ombudsman precisely because of the categorical position of Senator Grassley.

Of course, on the other side, Democrats have accused Mr. Grassley of carrying “racist water for other Republicans.” They see opposition from Republicans not just to Afghan migrants, but to all other migrants, regardless of where they are. Democrats issued a statement at the end of last year that even “there are very good veteran Republicans who want the US to keep its promises.”

Photo credit: AFP

But some Democrats see the same attitude from the White House administration. A Democrat veteran of the Iraq War declared that the administration is not lifting a finger to push this legislation right now. Especially when before the midterm elections the ratio was in favor of the Democrats. The situation is that right now no one is doing anything about this law and no one is advocating for it to be passed for a vote.

Some political analysts see indifference in Mr. Biden’s team, too. They attribute this impression to the fact that Biden no longer wants to draw attention to his failure in Afghanistan. This, they say, is not just one-party blindness, but bipartisan blindness that tarnishes the honor and word of Washington.


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