Ukrainian refugees are building almost from scratch T-72 tanks

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PRAGUE ($1=23.11 Czech Korunas) — Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the Czech company Excalibur Army has been employing Ukrainian refugees. This company is engaged in the modernization of combat armored vehicles, tanks, and heavy artillery. According to Ukrainian sources, Excalibur Army has increased its personnel by 150 people, mostly Ukrainians.

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Excalibur Army is preparing delivery to Ukraine in the coming weeks of 90 tanks. Literally, says a Ukrainian source, tanks are collected from all over the world, and very often they are simply built from scratch. The reason is that over the years these tanks have not been maintained, they have been standing in the open, and they have often become the object of “cannibalism” – they are used for spare parts.

All this complicates the rapid delivery of tanks to Ukraine. The Ukrainian site says that work on one such tank takes from several weeks to several months.

What is being upgraded on tanks?

In modern warfare, the first thing to do is to eliminate analog devices and systems. They have been there since the Cold War era, developed to meet the requirements of the time. Thanks to stocks, as well as supplies from partners of Ukraine, Excalibur Army installs, renews, or simply cleans night vision devices, thermal imaging cameras, communication systems, and automation that facilitates management.

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New dynamic protection blocks are being placed as well. It is these rectangular boxes on the armor that are supposed to minimize the effect of an anti-tank gun so that the armor does not suffer major damage, the crew remains alive, and the tank continues to function.


Excalibur army has a complete list of what it upgrades on tanks. These repairs are being financed by the US and the Netherlands, which announced this back in November. The two countries divide the funding separately – 45 units per country.

According to preliminary calculations regarding the modernization process, one part of the tanks Ukraine will receive by the end of 2022. The rest in 2023.


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