Turkey puts 25mm NEFER weapon system on its 134 ZMA-15 AFVs

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ANKARA ($1=18.64 Tukrish Liras) — Turkish ground armed forces will operate upgraded ZMA-15 armored fighting vehicles. Nearly $100 million was invested in 2019 to begin the modernization. The ZMA-15 is a joint development between the Turkish company Aselsan and FNSS Defense. Last year, these armored vehicles successfully passed the tests.

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Upgraded ZMA-15s feature new unmanned turrets. They are now armed with the 25mm NEFER weapon system. The modernization also includes the integration of a laser warning system, a close-range surveillance system, a driver’s vision system, navigation, and separate panels for the commander, gunner, and driver.

The NEFER 25mm weapon system was developed and manufactured by Aselsan. For close combat and defense, Turkish designers have integrated a 7.62 mm light machine gun. The entire modernization includes Turkish solutions, which was the original idea back in 2019.

The first deliveries of the upgraded ZMA-15 AFVs have already begun. On December 1, with an official ceremony, the program for the delivery of armored vehicles was launched, which will continue until 2024, inclusive. The first five ZMA-15 AFVs were delivered to the Turkish ground forces.

The President of the Turkish Defense Industry, Dr. Ismail Demir, said that having a strong land defense system, that is agile, fast, well-armed and the next new technology is crucial, to how the enemy will be defeated. Dr. Demir expressed his satisfaction with the modernization of ZMA-15. “Armored combat vehicles are designed as versatile vehicles that combine firepower and maneuverability and also provide the transfer of manpower to actually capture the target,” he said.

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Against the background of the main modernization, the ZMA-15 AFV has also received a secondary modernization of the chassis, which directly affects the well-being of the soldiers in the fighting machine. A new air conditioning and fire extinguishing system, a heated system, as well as an explosion suppression system are integrated.

The ZMA-15 AFV also known as the FNSS ACV-15 is a Turkish armored infantry fighting vehicle. Nearly 3,000 units were produced by her, starting in 1992. The ACV-15 has been actively used in several conflicts: the Turkish-Kurdish conflict, Turkish military operations in Syria, the 2014 Libyan civil war, as well as the five-month conflict in 2017 known as the Battle of Marawi. Several countries operate this armored vehicle: Jordan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Syria, United Arab Emirates, and Libya.

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The ACV-15’s armor is designed to defend against 14.5×114mm armor-piercing rounds. 300 horsepower is provided by a Detroit diesel model 6V-53T engine. The transmission is Allison X200-4 with 4 forward and one reverse, while the suspension is a torsion bar 350 mm. The ACV-15 has a top speed of 65 km/h. With a full tank of fuel, the distance covered is close to 500 km.


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