Russia ‘parks’ 12 Tu-95 and Tu-160 bombers at Engels-2 air base

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MOSCOW ($1=61.15 Russian Rubles) — Is Russia preparing for new airstrikes with cruise missiles on Ukraine? Such a question is being asked after new satellite images of the Engels airbase, which is located 14 kilometers [8.7 mi] east of Saratov, have emerged.

Photo credit: Twitter

The Tu-95 and Tu-160 bombers are clearly visible in the satellite images. At least 12 bombers are visible in the photo, as follows: eight Tu-95 bombers and six Tu-160 bombers.

Additionally, satellite images show the presence of at least five cargo planes in the vicinity. Carts for carrying cruise missiles are also seen, suggesting that cargo planes delivered the munitions for the bombers.

Engels-2 is the main airbase of Russian strategic bombers. The main home is the 121st Guards Heavy Bomber Aviation Sevastopol Red Banner Regiment, which operates precisely with Tu-160M ​​bombers, as well as the 184th Heavy Bomber Aviation Regiment, whose pilots serve the Tu-95M bombers. Since the beginning of the war, Russia has used the base several times as a staging post for bombing Ukraine.

Photo credit: Twitter
Photo credit: Twitter

Military analysts and experts say that parked in this way on the runway, the bombers are loaded with cruise missiles and bombs. Their opinion is also dictated by the fact that the trolleys for carrying cruise missiles were also brought out at a time when cargo planes had already wintered. Most likely, experts say, in the coming hours or a day or two, Ukraine will again be subject to massive Russian missile attacks. recalled that throughout November, Russia carried out periodic missile attacks on Ukrainian energy infrastructure facilities.

The last such attack was carried out today, December 1, in the city of Kherson. The Kyiv Independent reports that “the voltage in Kherson power grid collapses due to Russian shelling. As a result of Russian forces’ constant shelling of Ukraine’s southern city of Kherson, the voltage in the city’s power grids has disappeared, Kherson Oblast Governor Yaroslav Yanushevych said on Dec. 1.”

Photo credit: Twitter

However, some military analysts claim that it is not only Ukraine’s energy infrastructure that is under missile fire. Data processing centers collected by reconnaissance drones and early warning planes of NATO forces flying near Ukraine have also been a major target of Russian missile strikes. So far, however, there has been no confirmation, either from Russia or Ukraine, that such centers have been discovered and hit.


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