German government will discuss whether to give Patriot to Ukraine

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BERLIN ($1=0.96 Euros) — The German government will discuss at a ministerial council whether to supply Ukraine with Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems. This became clear from the statement of the Polish Minister of Defense Mr. Mariusz Blaszczak.

Photo by US Air Force photo/ Airman 1st Class Debbie Lockhart

Mr. Blaszczak had a new conversation with his German colleague Ms. Christine Lambrecht on Wednesday, November 30th. Blaszczak Poduma Poland has again refused to deploy the Patriot on the country’s territory and has proposed that they be given to Ukraine. Mrs. Lambrecht has personally taken responsibility to raise the issue for discussion during a ministerial council of the German government.

November 15 recalls that on November 15, rockets fell in Poland. The rockets killed two Polish civilians. The initial investigation indicates that the missiles were Soviet-made, but there is no information on who fired them and from where they were fired. Because of this incident, the next day, November 16th, Poland activated Article 4 of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Poland described the incident as an accident. Berlin later offered Warsaw to supply Patriot air defense systems from the inventory of the German army to be deployed near the Polish-Ukrainian border. Warsaw has offered several times to give these systems to Ukraine, and Ms. Lambrecht has announced several times that these systems will only protect NATO airspace.

The US must decide

Germany cannot arbitrarily decide to deploy the Patriot in Ukraine, even if Warsaw and Kyiv agree. Authorization is required from Washington for such action, as the original country of Patriot Systems. I.e. the US government will have the final and most important say.

Currently, the German IRIS-T air defense system is deployed in the territory of Ukraine. According to the manufacturer of the missiles for the system, Diehl Defense, the IRIS-T works in excellent compatibility with the American Patriot. The two systems intercept enemy missiles at different altitudes. The IRIS-T can intercept a missile at medium and low altitudes, while the Patriot is adapted to intercept missiles at high altitudes.

The US may not accept Germany’s offer and refuse to deploy the systems in Ukraine. One of the main reasons could be the possibility of this technology falling into Russian hands. This means a detailed study by Russian engineers, who will next develop missiles that avoid these systems.

Photo credit: Wikipedia

Patriot’s fail in Aramco

However, the MIM-104 Patriot did not perform as well as expected. recalls that despite the widely advertised capabilities of the system, Saudi Arabia failed to repel several attacks last year and this year by the Yemeni Houthis. Then 50% of the drones and missiles were intercepted by the Patriot, while the remaining 50% missed and caused damage to Aramco’s oil infrastructures.


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