Russian army gets increased penetration bullets for Udav pistols

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MOSCOW ($1=60.92 Russian Rubles) — The Russian army, which already operates the 6P72 Udav pistol, will use new bullets. Deliveries have already begun in all divisions of the five military districts of the Russian Federation, Russian media reported. The new cartridges have two types of bullets – one with increased penetration ability, and the other type with reduced velocity.

Photo credit: Rostec

The first type will be widely distributed among the operators of the 6P72 Udav gun. However, the second is intended for one of the varieties of the gun, namely the 6P72-1. This gun is used by some special units of the Russian army. It is equipped with a silencer and a laser target designator, intended for operation in small closed spaces.

Information about the delivery of the new cartridges with improved bullet capabilities has been officially confirmed by the Russian concern Kalashnikov. The supplier and manufacturer of the ammunition are TsNIItochmash.

This is the first batch scheduled for delivery of the 9mm cartridges. The increased penetration index is 7N42, while the reduced velocity 9mm cartridge is 7U4.

Udav pistol

The Udav 9×21 pistols are one of the new developments in the Russian military-industrial complex. Officially, Moscow adopted them three years ago – in 2019. Enormous quantities were ordered, with the aim being to equip every Russian soldier designated to carry a short-sighted firearm. The weapon is reportedly still being delivered to Russian troops. According to sources from the Russian Ministry of Defense, a third procedure for the delivery of the pistols is currently underway.

9×21 Udav is an exclusive pistol intended only for special divisions of the Ministry of Defense, landing and reconnaissance units, secret services, and security bodies of Russian state persons. However, Moscow decided that the 6P72 Udav would be delivered to lower-level personnel associated with these military units, such as drivers, logistics specialists, etc.

9×21 is a self-loading pistol. It does not use the standard 9mm ammunition, and special ones are being developed for it. The maximum range of the gun is 50 meters and it can fire up to 18 rounds. It is 206 mm long and has a height of 145 mm. It weighs 980 grams.

Tests have shown that the bullet fired by Udav penetrates 4mm armor at its maximum operational length – of 50 meters.


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