Poland has called on Germany to give Ukraine Patriot SAM systems

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WARSAW ($1=4.50 Polish Zlotys) — For a week now, Warsaw has been calling on Berlin to become more actively involved in the supply of weapons to Ukraine. Specifically, Poland’s appeals are aimed at providing Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems.

Photo credit: Lockheed Martin

A few days ago it became clear that Germany will supply Poland with Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems. The batteries are supposed to boost air defenses after two [or three] missiles fell on Polish soil near the Polish-Ukrainian border. The incident happened on November 15 and caused the death of Polish citizens.

Four days ago, on November 23, the Minister of Defense of Poland, Mr. Mariusz Blaszczak, called on his German counterpart Mrs. Christine Lambrecht the Patriot air defense systems to be given to Ukraine. However, Mrs. Lambrecht “undercut” the wishes of Poland as well as Ukraine, saying these systems would protect NATO airspace, not Ukraine’s.

Yesterday, November 28, Poland again called on Germany to “listen to Polish preferences”. Leader of Poland’s ruling Law and Justice party, Mr. Jarosław Kaczyński said that Patriots in western Ukraine will not only protect Ukrainian airspace but also Polish airspace. I.e. as Mr. Kaczyński reasoned, it is better that these systems be used, and not serve as aesthetic decoration.

BulgarianMilitary.com reminds us that the real decision should be made by the USA, not by Germany. As the country producing the original product, the US must decide whether German Patriots will travel to Ukraine. However, the decision has apparently been made, according to a tweet by the Kyiv Independent, which says Berlin has again rejected the Polish proposal. The tweet also states that the US has also rejected the Polish proposal. Thus, Ukraine was indirectly denied again.

Patriot’s presence in Ukraine will definitely improve the protection of Ukrainian airspace within the reach of the US air defense system. One of the reasons, besides the good characteristics, is the excellent cooperation between Patriot and the German air defense system IRIS-T.

According to the IRIS-T manufacturer, the Patriot can easily take over the defense of the airspace from enemy missiles at high altitudes, while the IRIS-T counters enemy targets at medium and low altitudes. This clarification comes in the context of recent Russian missile attacks, which have also included kamikaze drones flying at low altitudes.

A possible reason for the US refusal to deliver Patriot through Germany to Ukraine could be the fear of possible capture. Thus, there is a risk that Russia will gain access to the technology of the system, but mostly to the radar and missiles. By gaining such access, the Russians will study the system’s operations in detail. This could lead to upgrades to Russian missiles that would be “taught” to defeat Patriot defenses.

Photo credit: Wikipedia

The US anti-aircraft missile system provides protection against cruise missiles, short-range ballistic missiles, fighter jets, and bombers, as well as large drones.


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