120mm Alkar mortar system for wheeled and tracked chassis

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Turkey was one of the first countries to be interested in the 2R2M rifled mortar system of the French company TDA. Shortly after its appearance, the Turkish company FNSS introduced a self-propelled 120-mm mortar – the 2R2M TDA installation was installed under the cover of a large upper hatch in a closed body of an armored vehicle on the chassis of the ACV-19 infantry fighting vehicle [this Turkish chassis is based on the American M113A4].

Photo credit: Aselsan

Delivery of such self-propelled mortars to Saudi Arabia was reported. For Malaysia, FNSS, together with the Malaysian company DEFTECH, developed a mounting of the same mortar on a wheeled chassis AV-8, made based on the Turkish Pars 8×8.

In 2017, the Turkish company Aselsan introduced its 120 mm mortar system AHS-120 Alkar, designed for a wheeled or tracked self-propelled chassis.

This is a 120-mm rifled muzzle-loading mortar equipped with anti-recoil devices, an automatic loading system [with raising the collected shot to the level of the muzzle of the barrel], a digital control system, automated electric and hydraulic drives of azimuth guidance mechanisms and range.

The FCS includes an inertial navigation system, a standard computer interface, and a digital communication channel, and the ballistic computer uses software conforming to NATO information standards [NATO Armaments Ballistic Kernel].

Photo credit: Aselsan

The system is a ready combat module with circular guidance. In the self-propelled mortar version of the Vuran 4×4 armored vehicle chassis with increased anti-mine protection, the 120-mm Alkar system was adopted by the Turkish gendarmerie. The system is installed in the shutter of the body of the armored vehicle under the hinged covers of the upper hatch.

In 2019, Aselsan showed, under the same motto Alcar, an 81-mm modification designed to be mounted on a light chassis, including a Land Rover Defender SUV or a Toyota Land Cruiser.

It should be noted that Aselsan proposed to implement the same system based on an 82-mm mortar barrel.


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