US to deliver $250M worth of M1A2K tanks cartridges to Kuwait

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WASHINGTON — The US government will supply ammunition for M1A2K Abrams tanks to the government of the State of Kuwait. The order includes several types of munitions and is worth an estimated $250 million. The Defense and Security Cooperation Agency [DSCA], which oversees international US arms sales, has already notified Congress.

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Kuwait will receive from the US tank training and combat cartridges of different calibers. According to the DSCA fact sheet, the tank cartridges are as follows: M80 Ball/M62 Tracer 7.62mm 4/1 linked; MK211 4 Armor Piercing Incendiary [APIT] .50 Cal 4/1 linked; M903/M962 Saboted Light Armor Penetrator-Tracer [SLAP-T] .50 Cal 4/1 linked; KE-W A1 Armor-Piercing, Fin-Stabilized, Discarding Sabot-Tracer [APFSDS-T] 120mm; Insensitive Munition High Explosive Tracer [IM-HET] 120mm; Grenade, Screening-Smoke.

In the $250 million deal, Kuwait will also receive spare parts, test support, and integration. The US will provide and guarantee the on-site logistics and engineering program.

Kuwait is not a member of NATO but is a partner of the US. In this way, the government in Washington wants to help the security of its ally in the Middle East. Typically, the DSCA states that the sale will improve Kuwait’s combat capability against regional current and future threats. Kuwait, for its part, will not lag behind with its combat training and the training and combat missions of its tank brigades. recalls that Kuwait actively uses its M1A2K Abrams for security. In addition to the border furrows, M1A2K Abrams in Kuwait also guards oil wells and deposits.

DSCA clarifies that the proposed amount for the transaction with Kuwait is the maximum possible. This means that it can be decreased, but not increased. General Dynamics, York, PA will be the contractor for the Kuwait order.

Kuwait has M-84AB tank too informs that the main battle tank of the Kuwaiti army is precisely the M1A2K Abrams. A total of 218 units of this model of tanks operate on the territory of the state. Kuwait also has another type of battle tank – the Yugoslav M-84AB, which is a variant of the Soviet-designed T-72 tank. According to data from open sources, 149 Yugoslav tanks are in the service of Kuwait, but there is no information on how many of them are active.

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