British Boxer Overwatch IFV armed with Brimstone missiles was shown

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LONDON ($1=0.88 British Pounds) — One of the long-awaited British versions of the Boxer infantry fighting vehicle was shown at the DVD 2022 exhibition. This is the Boxer Overwatch version equipped with a Brimstone ground attack missile. The vehicle will be on display at the DVD 2022 show, which takes place today and tomorrow [September 21-22] at UTAC Millbrook, UK.

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The Boxer Overwatch IFV should gradually begin to replace the aging British infantry vehicles. According to preliminary information and rumors, 2030 will be the time when this will begin to happen. The Boxer Overwatch IFV is a requirement of the UK Ministry of Defense being developed in the Battle Group Organic Anti-Armour [BGOAA] project.

The Boxer Overwatch IFV is being developed by the British BAE Systems together with the German company Rheinmetall in the joint venture Rheinmetall BAE Systems Land [RBSL]. The British branch of the French company MBDA also took part in the reform.

At present, Britain uses Brimstone missiles but in an air-launched version. Brimstone is a project and development of MBDA UK. It is in service in three platforms – the Tornado GR4 attack aircraft, the Eurofighter Typhoon fighter and the unmanned vehicle Protector version of the GA MQ-9 Reaper.

Photo credit: Twitter

According to experts, the Boxer Overwatch armed with Brimstone missiles is the future of the British Army’s combat armored vehicles. The so-called anti-armor vehicle will play a key role in the defense of close and long-range positions. Boxer Overwatch is supposed to provide organic abilities ie. part of a combined arms system to provide protection during maneuvers and advance. Another feature that will play Boxer Overwatch is to perform screening ie. to hinder the effectiveness of advancing opposing forces.

Boxer Overwatch features an excellent digital architecture, says Colin McClean, Managing Director of RBSL. This means that various modules can be additionally integrated into the vehicle. In this way, the settings can be easily changed depending on the upcoming mission.


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