US 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team received the new M7A4 Bradley

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WASHINGTON — The 1-9th FA Bn, 2ABCT, 3ID received the newly upgraded M7A4 Bradley, also known as the Bradley M7 BFIST [Bradley Fire Support Team]. The new M7A4 Bradleys are equipped with an advanced Fire Support Sensor System [FS3]. According to Ronkainen’s post, the new FS3 provides twice the amount of target detection over the IBAS, while targeting and designating under armor from the gunner’s position.

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1-9th FA Bn, 2ABCT, 3ID [2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division] is a military unit located in Fort Stewart, GA, United States, Georgia.

The Bradley M7 BFIST is part of the US program to replace older versions of the notorious Bradley. In this case, the Bradley M7 BFIST replaces the existing FiST platform. The new introductions to the M7 BFIST are a Bradley ISU integrated sight that replaces the TOW/UA kit. Also, additional recognition and surveillance equipment are integrated for soldiers when they disembark from the vehicle. Last but not least, the M7 BFIST offers a renewed hybrid GPS/inertial/dead reckoning navigation system. With its help, the precise location of the M7 BFIST is guaranteed, as a starting point.

What is new in the integrated Fire Support Sensor System [FS3] is that it provides a target location range of up to 20km. Target designation is performed under armor. The M7 BFIST SA produces TLE90 target grid coordinates and estimated TLE values ​​automatically populated into a digital CFF message.

The main features of the M7 BFIST also differ from the Bradley platform we are familiar with – the FiST. For example, the weight of the entire rig is 72,300 lbs, and the engine already provides 600 horsepower. This engine needs 155 gallons of fuel, guaranteeing a maximum range of 250 miles. The top speed of the M7 BFIST is 38 mph.

Photo credit: Twitter

The M7 BFIST has a crew capacity of four. It can cross a 100-inch trench, and travel on a 40% side grade and a 60% base grade. The M7 BFIST can negotiate a vertical obstacle (such as a wall) up to 30 inches. The dimensions of the M7 BFIST are an overall length of 258 inches, a width of 131 inches, a height of 120.39 inches, and a ground clearance of 15 inches.

The Bradley Fighting Vehicle [BFV] is one of the flagships of the US infantry. Currently, the latest version of the M7 BFIST is used only by the US, but older versions are in service in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. There are inquiries from Croatia, Greece, and Lithuania and the acquisition of Bradley.


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