Watch: CV90 shoots Spike LR with HEAT WH and hit at a 90° angle

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STOCKHOLM ($1=10.16 Swedish Kronas)BAE Systems shared an interesting video on social networks. Combat Vehicle 90 [CV90] launches the long-range [LR] anti-tank guided missile [ATGM] SPIKE in action with a tandem-charge HEAT warhead. CV90 is a design of the Swedish company Hägglunds / Bofors but is manufactured by BAE Systems.

Photo credit: YouTube

The video was recorded in a region with a subarctic climate. After launching the SPIKE LR ATGM from the turret launcher, which is also the work of BAE Systems, its solid-propellant rocket engine is activated and the foreign wings and fins dissolve. This is followed by a flight of several kilometers [the range of the missile is from 200 meters to 5,500 meters], which is controlled and tracked from the display to the weapon system of the vehicle. It can be seen that the missile is aimed at an armored combat vehicle, changes its trajectory by occupying a 90-degree vertical position relative to the vehicle, and follows a powerful hit, which completely destroys the target.

Spike LR ATGM is an Israeli missile, designed and manufactured by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. For more than 40 years of service in the Israeli armed forces and the armed forces of at least a dozen other countries around the world in various configurations and versions. The missile has been documented in several conflicts around the world since the Lebanese war in 1982.

Photo credit: Rafael

The missile has a diameter of 130 mm. It weighs about 14 kg, and only the thermal imaging camera integrated with it weighs at least 4 kg. The effective operating range of the Spike LR varies depending on the version: the Spike LR I hits up to 4,000 meters, while the latest version of the Spike LR II is up to 5,500 meters. The detonating mechanism is a piezoelectric trigger, and the warhead is tandem-charge HEAT [high explosive anti-tank].

Photo credit: YouTube

Combat Vehicle 90, on the other hand, is a series of combat vehicles that share a platform under which they are developed. In the specific case in the video, the vehicle is a type of infantry fighting vehicle [IFV], model Strf9040C.

CV90 has been in service in the Swedish army and in other countries around the world since 1993. He has been documented in at least two conflicts: the war in Afghanistan and Liberia under the auspices of the United Nations mission. More than 1,280 CV90 units have been shipped worldwide.

The main armament is 40mm Bofors L / 70 autocannon, or 35mm / 50 Bushmaster autocannon [export models MkIII and MKIV], or 30mm Bushmaster autocannon [export model MkI & MkII]. All models are equipped with secondary armament, which is one 7.62 mm Ksp m / 39 machine gun and six 76 mm grenade launchers. The vehicle is powered by a Scania DS14 14 liter diesel I6 engine or a DC16 16-liter diesel V8 engine. Both engines are capable of supplying up to 1,100 horsepower to the vehicle.


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