European KNDS tank may get 140mm ASCALON gun with 13MJ pressure

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PARIS ($1=0.96 Euros) — The next generation EMBT [Enhanced Main Battle Tank] developed by the FrancoGerman company KNDS [Krauss-Maffei Wegmann + Nexter Defense Systems] can get the integration of 140mm ASCALON cannon, or at least there is such a possibility as intended by the manufacturers, it became clear during the international exhibition on defense and security Eurosatory.

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“The EMBT technology carrier demonstrates the capabilities of successful and effective French-German cooperation. The experimental chassis of the EMBT was combined with an innovative new turret concept. In addition to testing already integrated technologies, the EMBT also enables operation by 2,3 or 4 men. EMBT is ready for the future integration of ASCALON (140mm) and other turrets,” said the KNDS advertising presentation during the exhibition.

140mm ASCALON gun is a product of the French company Nexter. The cannon has some exceptional key advantages that may allow it to integrate into some combat ground platforms.

For example, a 140mm ASCALON cannon can reduce recoil power due to its ability to reduce firing momentum. Also, in addition to being able to operate ammunition with a maximum length of 130 cm, the cannon has extended ammunition range taking advantage of the larger calibre. Penetrators of different lengths allow adaptation to the target spectrum. Guided ammunition allows engaging targets Beyond the Line of Sight and Non-Line of Sight. Experts say the cannon will have incredible power due to the internal pressure, which can range from 10 to 13 megajoules.

Last but not least, the entire ASCALON 140mm weapon system, in addition to controlling the firing pressure, has an integrated muzzle brake in a completely new design, which helps infantrymen in joint combat, especially if this battle is fought in a densely populated area or urban environment. .

Photo credit: Twitter

Although the cannon can be integrated into platforms below 50 tons, there is no danger of impairing the functionality and capabilities of the EMBT, as the tank weighs over 61 tons. The EMBT is 10.45 meters long, 3.85 meters wide and 3.24 meters high. It is powered by a German MTU 883 EPP engine, which guarantees a minimum of 1,500 horsepower for the tank at 1,100kW. The maximum speed at which the tank will move is 65 km / h and with refueling a tank will be able to travel 460 km.

Leaving aside the main weapon we have already told you about, although it is not clear whether it will be integrated into the tank, the EMBT has secondary weapons in close combat. This is a 12.7mm machine gun, coaxial to main gun with 680 rounds ready to fire. Separate tank has an integrated Nexter’s ARX30 remote weapon station armed with 30x113mm 30M781MPG gun.

The tank has integrated pipes for firing 80mm smoke grenades, as well as six AP ready to fire. Also, 7.62mm MG coaxial to Cdr sight is integrated into the tank’s turret with 800 rounds ready to fire.


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