Watch first live-fire of Type-X UGV using Mk44 Bushmaster II

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PARIS ($1=0.96 Euros) — Ahead of one of the world’s largest defense and security exhibitions, Eurosatory – Paris, live demonstrations of the Estonian Type- X robotic combat vehicle [UGV] were conducted with integrated remote-controlled system Kongsberg Protector RT40.

Photo credit: YouTube

Type-X is manufactured by the Estonian company Milrem Robotics. A new product that started its serial production two years ago – in 2020. For its short life, the robotic combat vehicle already has quite serious customers – Estonia, Norway, France, and the United States are already armed with Type-X, but large quantities are expected to be delivered in the coming years. Currently, the Type-X is still in the early delivering phase.

Type-X weighs 12 tons. Its length is 600 cm, its height is 290 cm and its width reaches 220 cm. The robotic war machine is armored, and the armor integrated with it is type STANAG 4569 level 4 and level 1, ie protection from kinetic energy and artillery, and mine blast. Type-X is powered by one electric engine and a diesel generator. Its payload capacity is 4,100 kg [9,000 lb] and depending on the terrain through which it travels, it develops at different speeds – 80 km / h if the Type-X is driving on the road and 50 km / h if it is driving off-road or rough terrain.

The recorded video of the precision shooting shows that the Type-X is equipped with a Kongsberg Protector RT40 remote weapon system. This weapon system weighs about 2,500 kg, and can be equipped with one of the two main weapons – either XM813, which is a gun developed based on the MK44 Bushmaster, or the actual automatic gun MK44 30 / 40mm Bushmaster.

Photo credit: YouTube

As a second weapon, the RT40 has an integrated 7.62mm caxial gun with 400 ready rounds. RT40 has a linkless ammunition feeding as follows: 2×75 ready rounds, all NATO ammunition or Super 40x180mm programmable airburst ammunition. The RT40 also allows the integration of auxiliary weapons, such as a 12.7mm machine gun or a 40mm anti-tank guided missile system.

The Type-X is operated by a single operator who has access to the integrated into RT40 day camera, thermal imager and laser range finder [LRF].

Currently, the Type-X UGV and its weapons are on display at the international exhibition Eurosatory. If you are in Paris and want to get acquainted with this technology, visit stand K253 in Hall 6 of the Estonian company Milrem Robotics.


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