Kinetic powerful Polish 60mm LMP-2017 mortar facing Russian systems

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KYIV, ($1=29.57 Ukrainian Hryvnias) — Ukraine’s armed forces are increasingly using foreign weapons to fight Russia’s armed forces. Pictures of the Ukrainian military with the Polish hand-held 60mm LMP-2017 mortar were published on social networks.

Photo: Twitter reminds us that in early February, before the start of the war in Europe, Poland delivered light mortars to Ukraine. On February 4 this year, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki during a visit to the Zakłady Mechaniczne Tarnów defense plant announced the transfer of these weapons to Ukraine.

It was then announced that Poland would hand over to Ukraine light 60-mm mortars and 40-mm hand grenade launchers. As for LMP-2017: the requests of the Polish government were for the provision of 100 units of this model and 1,500 ammunition for it.

LMP-2017 light infantry mortar

LMP-2017 is a 60 mm light infantry mortar manufactured by the Polish company Zakłady Mechaniczne Tarnów [Zaklady Mechanishe Tarnow]. The mortar is manually portable and according to the factory characteristics it can be operated by two people, in the extreme case only one.


This weapon is designed to withstand enemy combat systems, manpower, and light fortifications on the battlefield, as well as firing positions relying on its kinetic destructive interaction. The manufacturer says that the mortar can work in all weather conditions and emphasizes temperate, cold, tropical, dry, and humid climates, respectively, the operating temperature is from – 40 to + 55 ° C, and stored at temperatures ranging from – 40 to + 70 ° C.

The range of the mortar is different, but the difference is only 200 meters. For example: if the soldier uses an O-LM60 projectile [high explosive fragmentation shell] the maximum operational range is 1,100 meters, but if he uses an O-LM60N projectile [high explosive frangible projectile] the range is up to 1,300 meters.


The maximum rate of fired projectiles at a steady fire is 30 pcs., The practical rate of fire without sight adjustments is 25 rpm, and the rate of fire with sight adjustments is 10 rpm


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