US saw the robotic M113 with EOS R150S RWS and FLETCHER 70mm WS

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WASHINGTON — The US Army saw BAE Systems’ Robotic Technology Demonstrator, which is based on the popular M113 fully tracked armored personnel carrier [APC]. Ronkainen published a photo of the “robotic M113” with new band composite rubber tracks [CRT] and armed with EOS R150S remote weapon station equipped with FLETCHER 70mm weapon with APKAWS rockets.

Photo: Twitter

BAE Systems showed their product at US Army’s EDGE22. EDGE22 is a demonstration event held annually in the United States and is a demonstration and training day that builds on lessons learned from previous experiments at the US nation’s Western Test Ranges, including EDGE21 at Dugway and PC21 at Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona. EDGE22 is part of AFC’s Project Convergence Campaign.

R150S is a weapon system that is controlled remotely. Military experts define the R150S is the lightest weapon system in its class. Its possibilities are great. It can be equipped with a 12.7 mm heavy machine gun to remain accurate and efficient while firing while the vehicle is moving. The R150S is equipped with a sensor unit.

The system can detect, recognize and identify different operating ranges depending on the camera used: day or thermal. The Detection range of the R150S using a day camera is> 12,000 m>, but if it uses thermal equipment the range increases by 1000 meters: 13,700 m. Recognition range of the system when using a day camera is> 5,600 m when using a thermal camera is> 5,100 m. And last but not least: the identification range for a day camera is> 4,700 m, and for thermal equipment, it is> 4,000 m.

Photo: Fletcher

FLETCHER is a 2.75-inch / 70 mm guided missile launcher. This is an American product manufactured by Arnold Defense – a defense company based in St. Petersburg. Louis.

One system consists of a container with four launchers. It can be mounted on a light or medium armored vehicle as well as on a marine vehicle. The weapon system works only in single firing mode.

The maximum range of the missiles is 8 km, while the minimum operational range is just over one kilometer. Arnold Defense says that missiles strike the best at a distance of 6 km.

The container with the four launchers has the following dimensions: the length is 74.5 “/ 1892.3mm, the height / width is 8.0” / 203.2mm and the unloaded weight is 60lbs / 27.2kg. FLETCHER 70mm weapon system can be used with APKWS.


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