US buys human-centric full-sensory mind drone for C-IED missions

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WASHINGTON — The Wolverine Gen2, an Israeli-designed but US-made drone, will be delivered to the U.S. military after XTEND and the U.S. Department of Defense signed a bilateral purchase agreement. The Israeli defense company XTEND and its branch in the United States are manufacturers of the latest unmanned aerial vehicle, which will become part of the armament of US troops.


Unlike other similar technologies, the Wolverine Gen2 requires much less power consumption and can be navigated by an inexperienced drone operator. Wolverine Gen2 will perform complex logistics and cargo-hazardous operations deep in enemy territory.

An XTEND official says the Wolverine Gen2 was designed out of the need for a drone without access or direct contact with enemy forces to conduct extremely complex field and external missions to ensure the maintenance of the force. Such missions are better known as Counter-Improvised Explosive [C-IED] missions.

What is Wolverine Gen2?

Wolverine Gen2 is a new product designed in recent years. This drone has a precise robotic arm that is controlled by sophisticated technology: the patented Mark & ​​Fly solution, which is also controlled by a developed XTEND operating system.

The drone works through sensor synthesis technology and machine learning integrated into a common thermal system. Through this system, the company says, the operator makes much more accurate decisions about the mission. In reality, the Wolverine Gen2 is a load-bearing, mobile, lightweight, and robust one-handed system based on natural gesture controllers.

Wolverine Gen2 is equipped with a FLIR boson thermal camera. The maximum range of the drone is 7 km, flying at a maximum speed of 70 km / h and staying in the air for just over 30 minutes. It works with radio and video frequencies and has an integrated encryption communication system AES128 / AES256.

The drone operates in a wide temperature range: from minus 10 degrees Celsius to plus 50 degrees Celsius. It can automatically perform pre-set missions, automatically take off and land, stay in the air and automatically return to the starting position after completing the mission.


Some of the key features are full support of 3rd party cueing and C2 system, day and night seamless operation, pre-plan autonomous patrol missions, navigation in GPS / GNSS denied environments, bottom and front looking visual sensors, thermal investigation capable, crane view operation and precision pick & drop capabilities.


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