Bayraktar TB2 MALE unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV)

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The Bayraktar TB2 reconnaissance drone, created by the Turkish Company Baykar Makina, is in service with the Turkish Army. It is a modification of the Bayraktar Block B and belongs to the class of tactical UAVs at medium altitudes with a long flight duration.

Photo: Wikipedia

The drone has more modern software and control systems than the Israeli Heron UAV. The crew consists of a commander, pilot, and payload operator.

Engine, power, speed

UAV Bayraktar TB2 is equipped with an internal combustion engine Rotax 912 with a power of 100 hp. The maximum flight speed is 250 km / h, the cruising speed is 130 km / h, and the practical ceiling is 7300 m. The body of the aircraft is made of composite materials. UAV Bayraktar TB2 is equipped with an automatic take-off and landing system.

Armament, C4ISR

The device is equipped with a variety of cameras and surveillance systems, which allows it to be used for intelligence purposes. In addition, the Bayraktar TB2 is capable of carrying two anti-tank guided missiles and Roketsan MAM-L or laser-guided MAM-C sliding munitions. The MAM-L system was developed as a laser modification of the L-UMTAS long-range anti-tank missile system, which differs from the base version in that it has no rocket engine and is equipped with sliding wings.

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The system is installed on the tactical UAVs Bayraktar and Karayel, which are currently in service with the Turkish army. The developer claims that the concept of creating and using the MAM-L system allows users to effectively neutralize targets that pose a direct threat, especially during surveillance and intelligence missions. Thanks to the precise aiming and small size, the use of the MAM-L system reduces the risk of insurance losses.

Full armament:

Hardpoints: four L3Harris Hornet bomb racks for single-lugged 23 kg/50 lbs smart micro-munitions, with provisions to carry combinations of:

  • MAM: MAM-C and MAM-L guided bombs
  • L-UMTAS (Long Range Anti tank Missile System)
  • Roketsan Cirit (70 mm Missile System)
  • TUBITAK-SAGE BOZOK Laser Guided Rockets
  • TUBITAK-SAGE TOGAN[217] quad rack of GPS/INS guided 81 mm mortars
  • Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System – 70mm laser-guided rocket [proposed]


Interchangeable EO/IR/LD imaging and targeting sensor systems or Multi Mode AESA Radar:

  • Aselsan CATS EO/IR/LD imaging and targeting sensor (current production)
  • WESCAM MX-15D EO/IR/LD imaging and targeting sensor (production till October 2020)
  • Garmin GNC 255A navigation/communication transceiver


In December 2015, test launches of Bayraktar TB2 UAV weapons were performed for the first time. So, during the tests of the Bayraktar TB2 UAV at an altitude of 4800 m, a miniature SMM [laser-guided sliding] bomb was dropped, which hit a target measuring about 3×3 m at a distance of 8 km. Under the other console on the wing of the device hung a model of ammunition, which was not dropped.

Photo: Wikipedia

UAV Bayraktar TB2 broke the world record among unmanned aerial vehicles in its class after conducting test flights in June and August 2014 at an altitude of 8 km. The duration of the flight was 24 hours and 34 minutes.


The length of the device is 6.5 m, the wingspan is 12 m, the range is 150 km, the maximum take-off weight is 650 kg, and the maximum payload weight is 55 kg.

Technical chcracteristics

ModificationBayraktar TB2
Wingspan, m12.0
Length, m6.50
Weight, kg:
– maximum takeoff650
Engine type1 PD Rotax 912
Power, hp1 x 100
Maximum speed, km/h250
Cruise speed, km/h130
Flight duration, h24
Range, km150
Practical ceiling, m7300


In addition to serving in the Turkish Armed Forces, Bayraktar TB2 is also in service in Azerbaijan, Ethiopia, Kyrgyzstan, Libya, Morocco, Qatar, Turkmenistan, and Ukraine. There are inquiries from over 20 countries about the package of this drone.


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