UK will get A-UGVs designed to stealthily follow soldiers anywhere

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LONDON, ($1=0.80 British Pounds) — In August this year, the British Army is expected to acquire several A-UGVs developed by the Canadian branch of Rheinmetall – Rheinmetall Canada. It is about Mission Master SP A-UGV in different configurations – Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition, and Reconnaissance [ISTAR]. The contract for four A-UGVs and three Rheinmetall Mission Master SP – Cargo vehicles was placed after the completion of an open procedure appointed by the Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom and won by Rheinmetall.

Photo: Rheinmetall

The procedure was under the Robotic Platoon Vehicles [RPV] program of the British Ministry of Defense. This was the third and final stage of this procedure, which was named Spiral 3. After this stage, the British will have to decide who will be the main supplier and what Automatic, Automated, or Autonomous – Unmanned Ground Vehicles [A-UGVs] will be delivered to the British army.

The contractor for the delivery of a total of seven Mission Master SP A-UGVs will need to provide training, support services, and spare parts.

Mission Master SP Surveillance and ISTAR

Mission Master SP is designed to penetrate deep into the enemy’s front and conduct reconnaissance and surveillance. This is a low-profile A-UGV, which has the main task and it is to stealthily follow soldiers anywhere. This vehicle is characterized by strong mobility, off-road, and easy to transport. It is powered by a low-signal electric motor, which guarantees a silent drive mode and a compact profile to avoid detection in the event of a threat.

Mission Master SP ISTAR is equipped with sensors that must detect threats, draw safe routes and provide “invisible” information to soldiers. Rheinmetall has managed to combine all these sensor functions in the PATH autonomy kit [A-kit].

The Surveillance version not only performs reconnaissance missions but is also designed to carry various payloads. This version is also equipped with the ISTAR module – detection, recognition, and identification of targets over long distances, regardless of the weather and lighting conditions. One of the other advantages of the module is the integration of sensors that need to warn or identify various chemical threats.

Mission Master SP Cargo

The very name of this A-UGV indicates that it has been redesigned specifically for the transport of payloads. It also quietly follows soldiers everywhere but mostly can carry some of the soldiers’ payload, making them much faster, more mobile, and more dangerous in enemy territory. In addition to taking part in the soldiers’ cargo, Mission Master SP Cargo will be used to carry supplies, food, medical supplies or equipment, tactical kits, and much more.

Photo credit: Rheinmetall


All vehicles, whether for reconnaissance or cargo tools, operate autonomously. I.e. in addition to being able to follow the entire military force unit anywhere, they can exchange information with each other and set up a separate combat unit to maintain high information awareness.

The so-called “wolf pack” [all A-UGVs in the military unit] can be operated by a single operator. In this way, autonomous interaction between individual unmanned aerial vehicles allows the focus on the end result and success of the mission, rather than on the execution of individual tasks. This unique capability is enabled by the Rheinmetall Command and Control Software.


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