Turkey unveils Special Forces 125mm KARAOK ATGM, 2.5 km range

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ANKARA, ($1=14.74 Turkish Liras) — The KARAOK anti-tank missile, developed by Roketsan, will be available to the Turkish Armed Forces this year, BulgarianMilitary.com has learned, citing SavunmaSanayiST.com.

Photo credit: savunmasanayist.com

According to a special statement made by Roketsan General Manager Murat Ikinsi, the TEK-ER ATGM anti-tank guided missile (ATGM), developed by Roketsan with national resources, will be delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces this year.

Just like the UMTAS and OMTAS anti-tank missiles, the KARAOK missile, which has an infrared [IIR] search warhead, differs from other Roketsan anti-tank missiles in that it can be fired from the arm by TEK-ER. KARAOK, which is similar in concept to the American production Javelin has a diameter of 125 millimeters, weighs 16 kilograms with its launcher, range of 2.5 kilometers, armor-piercing tandem warhead, fire-and-forget mode, and direct and overhead strike.

After OMTAS, UMTAS, and L-UMTAS, KAROK, the fourth anti-tank missile offered for use by the Turkish Armed Forces by Roketsan, is particularly important for the command of the Special Forces, the Submarine Command [SAT], the Underwater Defense [SAS] Commando and the MIT Special Operations Team. It is emphasized that this ATGM will meet the needs of special forces.

Photo credit: savunmasanayist.com

With the KARAOK missile, the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces for anti-tank missiles that can be used by TEK-ER will be met with national resources.


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