Greece tests new shells to increase the 155mm NORA B-52 howitzer range

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ATHENS, ($1=0.93 Euros) — The operational assimilation and training of the newly acquired NORA self-propelled guns of the Greek National Guard continue, learned, referring to the Defence Review.

Photo credit: Defence Review

According to the General Staff of the Greek National Guard, between 11 and 15 April 2022, as part of the operational training of the crews, 155mm artillery shells from the NORA B-52 Alexander self-propelled howitzer were fired at the Kitty Shooting Range in Larnaca.

According to Greek sources, officers from the artillery battalion of the National Guard are in the process of evaluating new missiles for B-52 guns. In particular, some leaders of the Serbian company, which supplies NORA to the Greek National Guard, were in Cyprus last week to investigate in detail the new self-propelled howitzer ammunition.

The goal of the Greeks was to increase the range of artillery and at the same time improve the accuracy of cannon fire – especially against moving targets such as tanks.

The National Guard acquired a total of 24 Nora B-52 self-propelled guns, which are divided into two batteries of 12 guns. The acquisition of the new 155 mm guns has had a catalytic effect on improving the capabilities of Greek artillery units that have so far operated the ZUZANA self-propelled howitzer.

Photo credit: MoD Serbia

The B-52 is characterized by high firing speed due to the automatic firing system, reduced artillery alignment time, the ability of each fire unit to operate autonomously, as well as high agility and regular flexibility.

The automatic cannon firing system has missile protection against 36 missiles, of which 12 missiles are in the automatic firing system and 24 missiles in stock. For conventional missiles, the maximum range is 32 km, while for missiles with an increased range is 40 km (the maximum registered range is 56 km with HE ERFB / RA-BB VLAP missiles). The maximum firing speed is 6-12 shots per minute, depending on the version.

The increased range of the Nora B-52 guns allows the attack of high-value targets in the occupied areas. At the same time, with the funds for the fire issue, the Greek National Guard improved the possibilities for directing the enemy forces, the main one being the delivery of the Israeli UAV Aerostar Tactical with a range of 250 kilometers and a range of 12 hours.

According to sources, the cost of the cannons amounted to 3 million euros, each consisting of two squadrons of twelve cannons. Each squadron has three artillery of four guns. The low cost of the systems makes them an attractive choice for the Greek army.


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