UK gives Ukraine 115mm HEAT PLOS ATGM piercing 500 mm armor

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LONDON, ($1=0.77 British Pounds) — Arms worth nearly £100 million are ready to be delivered by Britain to Ukraine in its fight against Russia’s armed forces, which invaded Ukraine on February 24 this year. This was announced by the Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom in a press release.

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The aid includes the deployment of 800 NLAW anti-tank guided missiles, Javelin anti-tank guided missiles, various types of wandering munitions, and Starstreak surface-to-air missiles. reminded us that London has already made a delivery of Starstreak surface-to-air missiles in March. A little later, on April 2, information came out, and we also reported that it was with this missile that the Ukrainian armed forces shot down a Russian Mil-28 attack helicopter in eastern Ukraine. recalls that the British government has accepted total aid to Ukraine of £400 million, with £100 million being allocated for humanitarian aid and the remaining £350 million for arms supplies. The shipment is expected to fly from London to Stuttgart, Germany, where it is the distribution center for all weapons arriving from the United States, Britain, and all countries providing military assistance through weapons.

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Robot 57 NLAW ATW

NLAW is a Swedish next-generation light anti-tank weapon design. It is known by various names – the Swedes call it Robot 57 [RB-57], some other people know it as the Main Battle Tank and Light Anti-armor Weapon [MBT LAW]. Designed by Saab, the Next Generation Light Anti-tank Weapon [NLAW] is manufactured in the UK by Thales Air Defense.

NLAW Robot 57 weighs 12.5 kg [28 lb], has a length of 102 cm [3 ft 4 in] and a system diameter of 150 mm [5.9 in]. NLAW Robot 57 deploys in less than five seconds and, as already mentioned, is controlled by one person.

Depending on the modification, the anti-tank missile system has two calibers – a 115 mm [4.5 in] missile body and a 150 mm [5.9 in the] warhead. When activating the PLOS mode, the rocket moves at a speed of 40 m / s [130 ft/s], while when used in normal mode, the rocket speed is 200 m / s [660 ft/s], which is the allowable maximum.

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The minimum operational range of the missile is 20 meters, while the maximum effect is 800 meters. However, during the exercises, the system hit a target at 1,000 meters, but the destruction of a target at this distance is not recommended by the designer and manufacturer.

NLAW Robot 57 has an integrated optical telescopic sight with a maximum magnification of 2.5. Separately, the system allows the integration of a night shooting sight.

NLAW Robot 57 uses the well-known HEAT warhead – a type of shaped charge explosive that uses the Munroe effect to penetrate heavy armor. The warhead functions by having an explosive charge collapse a metal liner inside the warhead into a high-velocity superplastic jet; this is capable of penetrating armor steel to a depth of seven or more times the diameter of the charge [charge diameters, CD]. The jet’s effect is purely kinetic in nature; the round has no explosive or incendiary effect on the target. However, according to the characteristics, NLAW Robot 57 has> 500 mm [20 in] armor penetration.

Another non-standard in NLAW Robot 57 is the temperature range at which the system operates efficiently. Unlike other competitors in this field, NLAW Robot 57 operates in the temperature range of −38 to +63°C.

Photo credit: SAAB


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