Greece buys 44 SeaHake torpedoes to increase its sub’s strike range

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ATHENS, ($1=0.92 Euros) — As announced by GDAEE [Greek Directorate-General for Defense Technology and Investment] at the end of March this year, a contract № 014B/21 was finally signed with the German Atlas Elektronik, which concerns the modernization of the torpedo potential of the Hellenic Navy [HN], learned, referring to DefenceReview.

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The modernization consists of the supply and supporting role of new torpedo submarines of the Greek navy. In particular, the delivery of 44 modern DM-2A4 Seehecht torpedoes [export designation “SeaHake mod 4”] was approved at a total cost of nearly €112 million [$ 121 million]. Thus, the Greek submarines of the Navy finally acquired modern torpedoes.

The new torpedo program has been hanging for 20 years, from March 2002 [when the demand was for 51 torpedoes], when the Italian Black Shark torpedoes were selected. Following the selection, the Germans replied that to certify the specific torpedoes in the submarines, Greece would have to pay €70,000,000, in addition to the cost of acquiring the torpedoes. If Greece had accepted the German offer, then the delivery of 51 Black Sharks would have cost more than the delivery of German DM-2A4 torpedoes [€130,000,000 vs. €98,000,000].

The program has since faced successive transfers and was virtually canceled to return to the surface recently, in May 2018, with the relevant Information Request issued by the Ministry of Defense for 36 torpedoes, with a potential cost of €105 million. Operationally, the issue of torpedoes is essential, because Greece has very good submarines in armament, with very little acoustic path, but during hostilities would be forced to shorten the distance between them and the enemy target.

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On the other hand, the Turkish T-209, technologically inferior to the T-214, can still fire from greater distances, as allowed by the DM-2A4 and Mk.48 ADCAP Mod.6AT. It is therefore clear that the new torpedoes, an issue that should have expired years ago, will complete the T-214 shipbuilding program in the best possible way and give the Navy an operational and tactical advantage in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean.


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