Photo: The Sikorsky Raider X prototype is 85 percent complete

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WASHINGTON — Eighty-five percent of the production of the first prototype of the Sikorsky Raider X has been completed, with Lockheed Martin advancing 50 percent faster than planned, according to a press release from the US technology giant. A photo of the current state of production of Raider X was published in an article presenting the state of the process of its production.

Photo credit: Lockheed Martin

The helicopter’s second fuselage has already been completed, the company said. It will be used for Sikorski’s upcoming tests, which will have to assess the flight capabilities of the helicopter, as well as the load on the hull of the aircraft. Tests are extremely important, as they play a significant role in optimizing and speeding up the design of the entire weapon system.

One of the goals for the manufacturers of Sikorsky Raider X in the future is for their helicopter to provide high speed, high payload and large combat radius. For this purpose, Lockheed integrated into the design the so-called Sikorsky X2 ™ technology – combined coaxial technology. Sikorsky X2 ™ will provide a much larger number of possible helicopter configurations in the future, as it is an open system architecture based on the principle of “plug-and-play”.

Another landmark in the production process of the first working prototype of Sikorsky Raider X is the network of digital threads and virtual prototyping tools. They build virtual models based on physical simulation, thus allowing designers to detect a problem early and fix it. This high technology will allow the company to offer an aircraft with a much longer life cycle, thus increasing the capabilities of the Raider X.

Photo credit: Lockheed Martin

Lockheed says it is these state-of-the-art technologies that have allowed the company to reduce its planned production time by 50 percent. In this way, other construction teams can start earlier production of components. All components of the aircraft are currently being assembled.

Sikorsky Raider X is being developed under the Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft [FARA] program of the United States Army. Lockheed is expected to provide the prototype to the US military soon.


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