Russia uses full salvo system of 50 mine-loaded rockets in Ukraine

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MOSCOW, ($1=83.44 Russian Rubles) — Russian ground forces most likely used in Ukraine a full salvo system to launch mine-loaded rockets, called ISDM Zemledeliye, and this was most likely the weapon’s combat debut, has learned, citing its own sources.

Photo credit: MilitaryLeak

A video circulated on social networks confirms this, as sources at say that the system was spotted in the Kharkiv region on March 26 and 27. The British online portal for defense, security, and intelligence Jane’s also suggest that it is ISDM Zemledeliye and that it is used for the first time in real combat conditions. reminds us that almost nine years ago the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation signed a contract with the Russian company Splav Enterprise – this is the manufacturer of ISDM Zemledeliye. This means that the system of firing 50 salvo remotely mining rockets has been in service for at least two or three years in the Russian ground forces. Splav Enterprise is one of the Russian leaders in the design, development, and production of various weapon systems for the salvo launch.

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What is the system ISDM Zemledeliye

Zemledeliye in Russian means Agriculture, which refers to the main functionality of the system – scattering mining rockets as seeds over a large area. Russia first showed ISDM Zemledeliye on Red Square during a military parade marking the 75th anniversary of the Soviet Union’s victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 against Nazi Germany. This happened on May 9, 2020, although the COVID-19 pandemic prevented the Russian military from showing much more military equipment. According to unconfirmed information, 2020 is the first delivery from the manufacturer to the Russian ground forces.

The system consists of 50 rockets tubes [two blocks of 25 each] for launching 122mm cluster munitions [mining rockets] each. The two units are located at the rear of the Kamaz 6560 8×8 chassis, which has an armored cab. Each 122mm rocket has a range of 5 to 15 km.

Each rocket contains several dozen anti-personnel and anti-tank mines. The system itself has a precise aiming so that after each rocket is fired, the mines in it are scattered in a strictly defined order. This particular order is controlled by software that can create a minefield of varying complexity. This information is shared with other military units in the region, thus giving them the exact location of the minefields and avoiding them.

Photo credit: Twitter


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