Ukraine captured Russian artillery anti-SSM and anti-ATACMS radar

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KYIV, ($1=29.26 Ukrainian Hryvnias) — The Russian anti-missile and anti-ballistic artillery 1L260 Zoopark-1M radar system used by the artillery forces of the Russian Federation was captured by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. A Twitter account has photographed 1L260 Zoopark-1M captured by Ukrainians, which was hidden in the bushes.

Photo credit: Twitter

Initially, Kemal has wondering if the captured ground equipment was not 9S18M1 – a Soviet and Russian detection and target designation station for the 9K37 Buk air defense system, but later after reviewing and examining the photos it became clear that this is the radar complex 1L260 Zoopark-1M.

“Another significant radar system lost by the Russian war machine… all according to the course plan !,” also added on his Twitter account.

Photo credit: Twitter

1L260 Zoo-1M

1L260 Zoopark-1M is a mobile radar artillery localization system designed to detect the positions of artillery missiles even in heavy electronic countermeasures [ECM] environments.

In addition, the 1L260 can detect a source of mortar and howitzer fire, as well as launch pads for tactical ballistic missiles. The radar system is mounted on an armored chassis and includes a maintenance vehicle. In addition, the system can provide assistance to friendly artillery systems by helping them adjust their firing to hit the target effectively.

The 1L260 radar system can detect a 155-millimeter artillery projectile within a range of 23 kilometers or 27 kilometers for 203-millimeter projectiles. It can detect artillery missiles within a range of 32 to 45 kilometers. An ATACMS-sized tactical ballistic missile can be detected within a range of 65 kilometers.

Photo credit: Wikipedia

The 1L260 can be ready for deployment or evacuation in five minutes while operating for more than eight hours, tracking up to 12 targets simultaneously. Azimuth covers a sector of 2.5 to 90 degrees.


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