Dutch warships get 12.7mm LIONFISH remote-controlled stealth turret

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AMSTERDAM, ($1=0.91 Euros) — The landing and patrol ships of the Royal Netherlands Navy [Dutch: Koninklijke Marine] of various classes will be equipped with the latest and most promising remote-controlled stealth turret of the Italian conglomerate Leonardo – LIONFISH Top. The news was officially announced by the Dutch government, publishing a press release on the website of the Royal Netherlands Navy.

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According to the Navy, LPD [Dock landing platform] and JSS [Joint Support Ship] units, Johan de Wit and Karel Doorman classes, and a Den Helder class support ship were selected to receive the LIONFISH Top turret.

More about LIONFISH Top

According to information provided by the Italian company Leonardo, Lionfish Top is a 12.7mm remote-controlled stealth naval weapon system. Depending on the sea vessel on which it is installed, the Lionfish Top can be used either as the main gun or as a second [auxiliary].

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It is suitable for border control, molar operations, operations to monitor and control maritime traffic, self-defense, including attacks on larger warships.

Initially, the Lionfish Top was loaded with 400 ready-to-fire cartridges, which can be in a wide variety – from 12.7 x 99, which are standard NATO ammunition to AP, API, APT, APIT, M33 ball.

Lionfish Top has a height and azimuth stabilization targeting system, with two integrated gyroscopes and two reservation tachometers integrated into its composition. Aiming is performed with an electro-optical set of a laser rangefinder, day and night camera, infrared camera, and several integrated sensors for automatic tracking of the target. There is an integrated calculator that determines what the stabilizing firing should be in a ballistic and target trajectory.

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The entire weapon system is remotely controlled and protected by a stealth shield for work and operations in harsh environments.

Main characteristics

The weapon system can produce not only automatic shots but also single shots. The maximum range of hitting the target is up to 1,500 meters, and the system works precisely in a wide temperature range: from a minimum of 30 degrees Celsius to plus 75 degrees Celsius.

Lionfish Top weighs about 300 kg, but this is only if the weapon system is not initially loaded with ready-to-fire 400 rounds.

With the laser rangefinder, the operator of Lionfish Top can see the threat of nearly 5.5 kilometers. The day camera works in a different range and catches a threat from 2.7 kilometers to 9.5 kilometers. The situation is similar with the infrared camera, although there are very small deviations in its performance compared to the day camera, ie. IR sees from 3.3 kilometers to 12 kilometers.

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