MIM-104 C / D Patriot SAM systems will be deployed in Slovakia

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BRUSSELS, ($1=0.90 Euros) — Slovakia will adopt several Patriot air defense missile systems to be deployed in the country, BulgarianMilitary.com has learned, citing information from the Army Recognition. The Netherlands and Germany are reportedly sending their missile batteries after an agreement was reached at a meeting of NATO defense ministers on March 16th in Brussels, Belgium.

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NATO is stepping up its defensive capabilities on its eastern flank after Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg praised Germany’s actions since the beginning of the conflict in Europe, as well as the fact that Berlin is sending troops to Lithuania and fighter jets to Romania.

Berlin did not say exactly how many Patriot air defense systems would be sent to Slovakia. However, their pro-localization has already been approved by the Ministry of Defense on March 17 this year. BulgarianMilitary.com reminds us that Germany currently has 20 anti-missile systems MIM-104C/F Patriot PAC-2/PAC-3 in combat service.

Unlike Germany, the Patriot air defense systems of the Netherlands have proven combat experience. Amsterdam has been using the Patriot since 1987 and has so far deployed its countermeasures three times – twice during the two Gulf Wars [1991 and 2003] and once [2013-2015] in southern Turkey to counter ballistic missiles fired from Syria. The Netherlands has 18 MIM-104D/F Patriot PAC-2 GEM/PAC-3.

MIM-104C (PAC-2) and MIM-104D (PAC-2 / GEM)

MIM-104C [PAC-2] is an anti-aircraft missile system developed by the American company Rating. This version of Patriot is actually an upgrade of the older version of PAC-1. This version of the air defense system has optimized radar search algorithms and is the first system in the Patriot family to use the MIM-104C or PAC-2 missile. These missiles are designed to withstand ballistic missiles. The PAC-2 missile has a changed size of the warhead and adjusted response time of the Doppler radar fuse.

The main difference between the MIM-104C [PAC-2] and the MIM-104D [PAC-2 / GEM] is again in the missile. The MIM-104D [PAC-2 / GEM] already operates improved missiles, better known as guidance enhanced missiles [GEM]. I.e the new missiles are significantly faster, a new low-noise search engine, and have higher performance. The basic idea is that GEM can detect targets with very low infrared signatures or low radar cross-sections.


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