Ukraine got Polish RPG-76 Komar – superb against APCs and IFVs

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KYIV, ($1=29.65 Ukrainian Hryvnias) — The supply of weapons and weapons systems to Ukraine by NATO members, allies, and partners continues, despite the beginning of the third week of the Russian invasion of the European country. learned from its Ukrainian sources that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have received RPG-76 Komar [in English Mosquito].

Photo credit: Defense Express

RPG-76 Komar is a single-use grenade launcher of Polish-made weapons in Poland and Ukraine. RPG-76 Komar was created as a compromise with a bias towards small size and ease of use, especially for conditions where it will be necessary to arm large sections of the population.

The grenade launcher is extremely small, weighs only 2.1 kg, and its main purpose is to destroy lightly armored military equipment of the enemy. Its armor penetration is limited to 260 mm armor, which is enough to destroy armored personnel carriers and light enemy tanks in all projections.

Photo credit: Defense Express

The RPG-76 Komar does not have a tandem warhead, but a small armor-piercing projectile, which makes it fire effectively at tanks such as the T-72, T-80 and their modifications, but only from very limited angles. Polish experts explain that the above-mentioned tanks are only successfully hit if they are attacked from the side of the engine. Therefore, the main targets for these weapons must be infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, and armored vehicles.

Photo credit: Defense Express

Keep in mind that the maximum firing range of the RPG-76 Komar is up to 250 meters, while the effective range is much lower. The RPG-76 Komar has as many rules of use as a standard disposable grenade launcher.

Ukrainian and Polish experts explain that for the shooting to be successful, the soldier must have a 100% guarantee that the enemy’s armored vehicle is in his field of vision. It is extremely important to know that immediately after the shot, without waiting for the result, the soldier must leave the position as quickly as possible. The latter is extremely important because the shot unmasks the soldier’s position and the enemy will return fire.


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