Ukraine wants tanks, APCs, ATGMs, mortars, etc. from Germany – see the list

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BERLIN, ($1=0.92 Euros) — Kyiv has sent Berlin a list of weapons, weapons systems, and auxiliary weapons needed to defend Ukraine against the Russian invasion. refers to information published in the German newspaper SPIEGEL on February 4, 2022.

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Ukraine asks Germany to supply the following:

  • tanks, armored fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, engineering armored vehicles, demining vehicles;
  • Various artillery guns, howitzers, self-propelled howitzers, mortars, self-propelled mortars;
  • Missile systems and anti-aircraft missile systems, as well as light missile systems with short and medium-range;
  • Reconnaissance armored vehicles, light armored vehicles, reconnaissance stations, multi-purpose vehicles, engines;
  • Combat and support helicopters, attack and reconnaissance drones;
  • Submarines, frigates, corvettes, destroyers. recalled that on March 3, Berlin decided to open old warehouses from the Cold War, East Germany, and the Berlin Wall and donate 2,700 units of man-portable air-defense systems 9K32 Strela-2 to Ukrainian soldiers. It is also known that Germany has agreed to arm Ukraine with 1,000 Panzerfaust 3 anti-tank weapons and 500 Stinger missiles.

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Germany, NATO, and allies

The supply of weapons to the Ukrainian resistance against the Russian aggressor is not the only thing Berlin has decided to do. Analyzing the complex situation that Europe may face at some point and to prevent the conflict from escalating, Berlin has stepped up its support for the Eastern Allies.

This support includes Lithuania, Romania, the countries around the North, the Baltic, and the Mediterranean. In Lithuania, for example, Berlin sent 900 troops to reinforce the eastern flank. Germany is a major donor to troops in the NATO Corps Response Force with 13,700 troops.

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Romania has received support from Germany with six Eurofighters fighters, which together with their Romanian counterparts are securing the skies over Romania. The maritime territories were secured by ships and frigates sent from Berlin, which were again assigned to the NATO Maritime Forces.

Slovakia will also receive support from Germany. Berlin plans to send additional German troops to Slovakia along with a Patriot air defense missile system.


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