Finland buys Spyder ADS – dual-use missiles, IIR and CCD seeker

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HELSINKI, ($1=0.92 Euros) — Finland intends to improve its air defense capabilities and has liked the Israeli mobile air defense systems [MADS or ADS] Spyder, which uses Python 5 and Derby missiles.

Photo credit: Rafael

The war between Russia and Ukraine, and the possible threat posed by a full-scale war in Europe and the world, is forcing Helsinki to think more seriously about its defense. recalls that in mid-February Defense Minister Antti Kaikkonen recently approved procurement of Extended Range Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System Alternative Warhead [ER GMLRS AW] and Extended Range Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System Unitary [ER GMLRS UNITARY] rocket artillery effect.

What is Spider ADS?

Spider ADS is an Israeli mobile anti-aircraft missile system developed by two Israeli companies – Rafael Advanced Defense systems and IAI, with Rafael leading. Spider’s product line includes four possible air defense systems – SPYDER MFU-SR, SPYDER MFU-ER, SPYDER MFU-MR / LR, and SPYDER MFU-AIO SR / ER. The main difference between the four is mostly in the extent of the defeat. However, it is not known which of the four systems has attracted Finland’s attention, but it is most likely a medium-range air defense system.

Photo credit: Rafael

The system consists of a truck-mounted command and control unit, radar, missiles [3 or 6 depending on the modification], which have a built-in EC sensor. The whole system is an open architecture, which allows the integration of foreign or external components, as well as various hardware or software.

The average range of the system is up to 20 km. The characteristic of this Israeli development is that it uses dual-use air-to-air or surface-to-air missiles that share a full community. The two missiles are Python-5 and Derby, respectively.

Python-5 missiles

All four air defense variants of Spider ADS use both missiles. The difference is that in the medium and long-range variations, the missiles use an additional booster assembly.

Photo credit: Wikipedia

According to dozens of military experts, Python-5 is the most modern air-to-air missile in the world. The missile has dual-band infrared [IIR] and CCD Seeker, as well as the ability when out of sight to be “lock-on after launch” [LOAL]. It was first used in 2006 as part of the armament of the F-16 Fighting Falcons during the Lebanese war, and it was this missile that shot down two Iranian Ababil UAVs.

Python-5 is a little over 3 meters long and has a diameter of 16 cm. It weighs about 105 kilograms, while the warhead integrated into the missile weighs 11 kg. The rocket is moving at a maximum speed just above Mach 4.

Derby missile

The Derby missile is a BVR missile. Some experts say this is a continuation of the Phyton missile. It is a little over 3.5 meters long and weighs 118 kg. The warhead weighs 23 kg and the range is nearly 40 km at a maximum flight speed of Max 4.

Photo credit: Wikipedia

However, Finland is interested in an air defense system that uses the latest version of this missile, namely I-Derby ER. For a long time, Israel did not recognize the existence of this missile until 2015, when the company Raphael officially confirmed this fact. This missile has an increased range and hits up to 100 km. This is achieved through the integration of a two-pulse rocket engine with solid fuel.

The I-Derby ER is the preferred missile for many fighters. In addition to Western, I-Derby ER can be integrated on Russian [Su-30MKI – India] or Indian [Tejas] fighters. India has been trying for years to negotiate with Israel and buy from these missiles.


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