Germany donates Soviet-made 9K32 Strela-2 MANPADS to Ukraine

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BERLIN, ($1=0.90 Euros) — Germany has decided to open warehouses with old Soviet weapons from the Cold War era and the Berlin Wall, and to help Ukrainians in their war against Russia. 2,700 units of Man-portable air-defense systems 9K32 Strela-2 will be immediately delivered to Kyiv.

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9K32 Strela-2 is a legend in the Soviet-Afghan war, which ended in 1989 with the withdrawal of Soviet troops from the Asian country. During the conflict, Egypt and China, as well as other CIA-assisted third countries, supplied Soviet-made 9K32 Strela-2s to the mujahideen. 9K32 Strela-2 began shooting down Soviet Mi helicopters and low-flying aircraft during the Soviet-Afghan war. This encouraged the mujahideen, and although many of the 9K32 Strela-2s donated to them were old or broken, the balance of power began to tilt in favor of the mujahideen.

Germany’s decision to open the old warehouses from the time of Eastern Europe was taken today, March 3, 2022. NATO’s 9K32 Strela-2 name is SA-7 Grail. At the end of February, Berlin had already approved the supply of 1,000 anti-tank weapons and 500 Stinger air defense systems to Ukraine.

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9K32 Strela-2 MANPADS

This weapon is a legend. He has participated in 30 regional conflicts and wars around the world. The 9K32 Strela-2 MANPADS has been in production since 1968 and is still in use today. It was designed four years earlier.

9K32 Strela-2 MANPADS has a diameter of 72 mm and weighs between 10 and 15 kg depending on the variations. The maximum range varies from 3,700 to 4,200 meters. The maximum speed of the projectile can reach 500 m / s at a height of up to 2,300 meters.

The warhead of the missile fired by 9K32 Strela-2 MANPADS weighs exactly 1.15 kg. The warhead is exploding with directed energy.

How 9K32 Strela-2 MANPADS works

When preparing a rocket, the starting source of energy is turned on first. The self-targeting head [GOS] is powered. After 5 seconds, the rotor of the gyroscope on autopilot rotates and the anti-aircraft missile system is ready for battle. At the right moment, the shooter points the trigger at the target and presses the trigger.

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As soon as the thermal radiation of the target enters the field of view of GOS, the shooter is notified by an audible signal. And when the head goes into automatic tracking mode, it will see a light signal. After 0.8 s, the voltage is applied to the delay unit and the electric igniter of the powder pressure accumulator. After another 0.6 s the battery enters the operating mode, the voltage is applied to the electric igniter of the exhaust motor. Approximately 1.5 s after the light signal appears, the rocket launches.

As soon as the main part of it leaves the launch tube, the rudders open under the action of the springs. Then the stabilizers are tilted and at a distance of 5-6 m from the shooter the marching engine is started. At the beginning of the main engine, under the action of inertial forces, a special inertial stopper is switched off, which prepares the explosive device for detonation. At a distance of 80-250 m from the shooter, the second stage of protection is activated – the pyrotechnic fuses burn out completely and the preparation of the explosive device is completed.

During the flight, the optical axis of the self-guiding head is always aimed at the target: regardless of the position of the longitudinal axis of the missile, the head follows the target and adjusts the course of the missile until it meets the target. In case of omission after 14-17 seconds from the moment of launch, the self-liquidator is activated and the missile is destroyed.


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