Chinese QW-12 MANPADS shot down a plane despite firing 8 lures

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BEIJING, ($1=6.35 Chinese Yuans) — China has demonstrated the capabilities of its advanced man-portable air-defense systems [MANPADS] QW-12 in recent tests. The successful demonstration was announced on China’s central television CGTV, as well as through the state-run online portal Global Times.

Photo credit: CGTV

A Chinese-designed target plane took off from a test site in northern China, simulating an attacking helicopter, mimicking the infrared signal of a helicopter. QW-12 MANPADS launches a missile that approaches the aircraft lure. The next moment, eight lures resembling the infrared signature of the helicopter were fired. Their main goal is to disorient the missile, to divert it from the course, and, accordingly, to miss the target. This does not happen – the QW-12 missile ignores the signals and directly hits the target.

The whole process from launching the rocket to hitting the lure plane takes only a few seconds. China Central Television has announced that no other missile in this class has publicly demonstrated its capabilities, as QW-12 does.

Photo credit: CGTV

Post-second test – a 122 mm missile was launched, which should simulate a jet cruise missile, developing a flight speed of at least 360 m / s. According to CGTV, the QW-12 again hit the target by destroying the lure missile. However, this test, say central Chinese television, is significantly more difficult because a laser detonator was used, which was activated close to the enemy missile. After activating it, the QW-12 detonates itself, detonating the lure missile.

QW-12 is a Chinese-designed portable anti-aircraft missile system designed to destroy helicopters, jets, drones, or cruise missiles. The Chinese claim that the system has an extremely flexible architecture that allows it to be mounted on various vehicles. This makes it quite mobile and the vehicle much more combat-ready, according to Chinese experts.

QW-2 Vanguard 2 is the previous version of QW-12. QW-2 Vanguard 2 is a weapon of the 90s of the last century in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. Many experts believe that QW-2 was developed based on the Russian 9K310 Igla-1 system. In addition to China, the QW-2 Vanguard 2 is in service in Bangladesh and Turkmenistan. It hits targets from 10 meters to 6 kilometers. It is still in production, weighs nearly 18 kg, and flies at an approximate speed of 600 m / s.


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