If you have zero stealth knowledge, read this article first

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PANAGYURISHTE, ($1=1.71 Bulgarian Levs) – If you have zero knowledge of stealth and stealth technology – do not worry, this article is written for you to easily and quickly understand the meaning of the concept and the meaning of the military industry.

An RF anechoic chamber used for EMC testing. Photo credit: Wikipedia

The main idea

The basic idea of ​​any military battle is to win. This can be done in many different ways if you are a skilled tactician. One of the important military tactics is to deceive the enemy by not giving him any information or giving him false information.

There is an example from the Second World War which is very indicative of false information. Nazi Germany has learned that the Allies are preparing a landing but does not know when and especially where. That is why the Allies are using an already established network of spies in Europe to provide the Nazis with false information. This operation is known as Fortitude and creates phantom field armies with inflatable war machines (tanks, howitzers, ships, tents, armored vehicles, etc.) in various places in England and France. When the Germans flew their planes over the places indicated by the spies, they noticed all this equipment and thus made sure that the landing would be there. In this way, the Allies diverted the attention of the Nazis and successfully landed in Normandy, as most of the Nazi soldiers and weapons were not there.

I.e., for now, it is enough to know that stealth is intended to deceive the enemy and this is the main purpose of the technology.

You see or you don’t see the enemy

Apart from lying to the enemy, another military tactic is to hide from him. We have seen in feature or documentary films that war machines have different camouflage, which is specially made for the middle of a military battle.

In other cases, the war machines were covered with branches or bushes so that they would not be noticed by the enemy. On the other hand, soldiers are digging trenches to hide. All this is done again so as not to give the necessary information to the enemy, or to lie to him.

But it is important to know that on the battlefield, which can be a small space or entire front kilometers long, soldiers see in two ways – with their eyes and with radar.

Stealth technology is designed only to deceive military radars, not the human eye.

What is stealth?

Stealth is two main things – making a weapon system (airplane, tank, ship) in a different form than the conventional one and a special coating that is applied to affect the radar.

The different shape – for a weapon system to be stealthy, it is necessary to design it in such a way that its main panels are not rounded or oval, but more angles to convey a broken shape, closer to the horizon.

The special coating – to be a stealth weapon system, in addition to the different shape, it must be covered with a coating called Radiation-absorbent material. There is no need to explain how it is made. All you need to know is that, as the name suggests, Radiation-absorbent material is a material that is specially designed and shaped to absorb incident radiofrequency radiation. to absorb radio waves.

How does stealth work?

We have already clarified that only radars should be manipulated by stealth technology. Therefore, the broken shape and Radiation-absorbent material must deceive the radars. Here’s how:

  • Radar sends radio or radar electromagnetic waves. When they hit an object that is round, round, or oval, they are reflected in the direction from which they came, ie. they return to the radar. However, if the object does not follow the three physical forms listed, but with many angles, broken and non-standard shapes, the waves are also reflected, but do not return in the same direction. It is best to look at the picture below:
Photo credit: TheNextBigThing
  • To have a greater effect and to ensure that the radar electromagnetic waves will not be accidentally returned to the radar, we apply Radiation-absorbent material, which absorbs and does not reflect the waves. In this way, the radar does not receive “feedback”.

Everything said so far applies to both the famous stealth aircraft and the new stealth technologies being developed in the field of infantry and navy. Stealth does not mean invisible to the human eye, but invisible to radar.

New stealth technology

What we have explained so far is the current technology in the development of stealth weapon systems. But as you can see, achieving almost zero stealth object detection is difficult because the high speed of radar and radio-electromagnetic waves may at some point bounce back to the radar, or the radar absorbing material may not be able to absorb everything. There is always a chance that things will go wrong.

Photo credit: Wikipedia

In Italy, however, they believe they have discovered a much more efficient stealth technology that guarantees 100% complete concealment of the site. This is Anapol. Anapol is a non-radiating source or scatterer that is capable of emitting vector potentials in the absence of radiated electromagnetic fields, as well as scattering vector potentials in the absence of fields.

To make it easier to understand here is an easy explanation – this material does not need to be in a different form, or to absorb any radar or radio waves, because it allows the waves to pass through it as if it did not exist. Anapol is developed by NUST “MISiS” and the Polytechnic University of Turin (Italy).


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