SARP weapon system and 40mm grenade shoot down micro-UAVs

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ANKARA, ($1=13.81 Turkish Liras) – Turkey’s Aselsan combines the capabilities of a remote-controlled stabilized weapon system SARP and a 40 mm high-speed Atom air grenade, learned, citing Defense Express. The system, which was tested in 2019, is ready for use in the military.

Photo credit: Pakistan Defense

The use of a remotely controlled SARP platform with a grenade launcher with 40 mm high-speed Atom air ammunition in combination with a drone detection system provides the opportunity for effective physical damage to mini and micro-UAVs – including in automatic mode.

The 40-mm Atom high-speed air grenade is intelligent ammunition that can be programmed for the exact time of detonation when exiting the barrel. This is Aselsan’s development.

The time-programmed detonator starts the detonation countdown at the specified point after leaving the barrel. The high probability of a hit is provided by the use of a pre-fragmented shell, optimized to hit the target. 40 mm Atom ammunition is programmed by the fire control unit [FCU], which can be installed in any automatic grenade launcher with only minor modifications to the weapon.

Photo credit: Pakistan Defense

The fire control device allows the user to see and select a target, measures the distance to the target, and calculates the time required for an explosion of ammunition.

When used in combination with a drone detection system and a remote control platform, the Atom high-speed air grenade provides the opportunity for physical damage to mini and micro-UAVs.

A Turkish resource reports that Turkey currently uses nearly 2,500 stabilized remote-controlled SARP weapons platforms installed on equipment and stationary equipment, all of which can be integrated with 40mm grenade launchers capable of firing smart 40mm Atom munitions.

It is claimed that the measures started in June 2021 to integrate the system for the use of 40 mm Atom intelligent ammunition on SARP platforms, as well as the necessary fire tests, have already been completed.

According to specialized media, the system is being developed under the condition of successful cooperation between MKEK and Aselsan.

Photo credit: Pakistan Defense reported that Aselsan had previously demonstrated the capabilities of its SARP Dual and SARP KPVT light combat modules in Ukraine by installing them on armored vehicles from the NGO Practice.

Aselsan’s 40 mm Atom munitions have similar characteristics to the previously introduced 35 mm Atom air munitions but are used in different areas.


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