Russian Navy announced night sniper exercises in Crimea

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MOSCOW, ($1=73.62 Russian Rubles) – Sniper units conducted night exercises at the Angarsk test site in Crimea, the press service of the Black Sea Fleet announced on Wednesday, December 29, learned, citing Interfax.

“During the practical activities of planned combat training, conducted in the dark, the servicemen improved their skills in performing training tasks in the composition of sniper groups and couples,” the press service said.

It is noted that more than 100 snipers from the units of the army corps have participated in combat training activities.

“To create an operational environment as close as possible to a real battle, modern radio-controlled targets were used, including imitating unmanned aerial vehicles,” the navy said.

The Black Sea Fleet said the snipers had also honed their skills in hitting targets by performing shooting exercises at distances of 300 to 1,000 meters using night-vision sights.

Russian paratroopers are maneuvering in Crimea

As we announced on December 24, flight tactical exercises with fighters took place against the background of maneuvers that 1200 paratroopers are conducting in the Crimea and Krasnodar Territory. The military exercises of the Russian paratroopers are carried out under the leadership of the Commander of the Airborne Forces, Colonel-General Andrey Serdyukov.

“Initial, battalion tactical exercises with an assault battalion and reinforcements have been conducted,” the Russian military told Interfax.

At the training ground, as indicated, in practical exercises, combat training tasks are performed by tactical groups in the offensive using reconnaissance forces and means to identify objects of a conventional enemy to organize its defeat with standard artillery and attached means.

The actions of a mobile team to combat UAVs were also demonstrated. “In the course of solving the tasks of combat training, the paratroopers hit conditional targets, denoting UAVs to a potential adversary. The shooting was carried out with standard small arms and airborne combat vehicles BMD-2K-AU, anti-aircraft guns ZU-23, and MANPADS Verba. Also from three firing positions were worked out the actions of artillery units, heavy fire-throwing systems TOS-1A “Solntsepek” and self-propelled artillery guns 2 C-9 Nona, which suppress firing points, places of concentration, and command positions of the conditional opponent,” explained the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

Russian fighters moved to Crimea

The Su-27SM3 and Su-30M2 fighters from the Southern Military District [SWO] during tactical flying exercises [LTU] worked out the relocation of aircraft to operational airports in Crimea from the Krasnodar region, the Black Sea Fleet [BSF] announced also.

“The crews of the multi-role fighters Su-27SM3 and Su-30M2 from the mixed aviation formation of the Southern Military District, stationed in the Krasnodar region, have worked out the rerouting of aircraft to operational airports,” it was reported.

“The relocation has taken place at various airports in the Southern Military District area of ​​responsibility, including airports in Crimea, where temporary refueling points for aviation equipment, as well as parking areas and work areas for aviation weapons specialists, are located,” reported by the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet.

According to him, during the LTU “the crews completed accelerated preparation of combat vehicles for take-off and performed paired synchronous take-offs.”

In addition, during the flights, “the pilots worked out the tasks to repel the attack of the imaginary enemy bombers at these airports,” it is reported.


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