US advantage: multi-domain LMXT tanker and link to the battlefield

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WASHINGTON – In recent Pentagon reports, the United States sees China as a major threat to peace and security, both for the world and Americans. The presence of American troops and military equipment in the Indo-Pacific region is already becoming much more important.

Photo credit: Lockheed Martin

The fact is that many of the US Air Force’s strategic tankers are now of retirement age. Therefore, last month Lockheed Martin introduced the LMXT, a new US strategic tanker. Many experts believe that LMXT will enter service in the coming years. Lockheed Martin claims that the tanker is a proven fighter and the company is ready to deliver it now.

The company also relies on the national interest – this tanker was built in America, by Americans and is for Americans. It provides thousands of jobs in the country, pays hundreds of millions in taxes, and keeps the airline industry the leading engine of the American economy.

“Lockheed Martin’s LMXT is ready to serve the U.S. Air Force today,” said Tony Frese, vice president of Business Development for the Air Mobility & Maritime Missions line of business at Lockheed Martin. “We have listened to Air Force operators to gain insight on delivering a tanker that not only meets present-day needs but has the flexibility to adapt to future mission requirements. The result is the LMXT, which is specifically tailored for the U.S. Air Force.”

What does LMXT offer?

Currently, the tanker can load the following aircraft into the air: F-35A, F-22, F-16, A-10, B1-B, C-17, E-3, E-7, F-15, P-8A.

LMXT is equipped with the world’s first and only fully automatic refueling / air-to-air refueling system – A3P. Also, the tacker loading boom is modeled according to a standard that will fulfill its task not only in servicing the US Air Force, but also the Air Force of Partner countries and NATO members. Ie LMXT can operate worldwide.

Lockheed Martin says that in recent years, the company’s engineers have significantly improved the range and capacity of unloading fuel, which reduces the time required to do so. LMXT has modernized and upgraded surveillance systems that have already proven themselves in combat situations, as the same models are integrated into other US combat military technologies and tools.

Photo credit: Lockheed Martin

But Lockheed Martin has paid attention to what is supposed to be in the future. LMXT has an open JADC2 system architecture. This is good, because in the future, when the system needs updates, improvements, or upgrades, LMXT will be able to receive them.

The new LMXT operates in a multi-domain environment, which connects the tanker directly to the battlefield. This ensures awareness of the situation, the distribution of forces, where and which are the friendly systems, where are the closest. This is a truly improved onboard communication system that ensures sustainable communication and processes data on various assets throughout the environment.

Last but not least, LMXT can offer flexible space that can be easily transformed according to the needs of the army – from transporting payloads directly to the battlefield, to transforming the space into an efficient and modern medical center.

“With its established DNA of proven performance, the LMXT is a low-risk solution for the Air Force,” Frese said. “The LMXT offers confirmed capabilities. There is no speculation or ‘what ifs’ with the LMXT. When we say it’s ready, we mean it’s ready. Ready for service, ready for missions – ready for today and ready for tomorrow.”


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