Taiwan and Australia arm themselves with US-made Mk 48 torpedoes

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WASHINGTON – American Science Applications International Corp. received a contract for 123.68 million dollars for the production of heavy torpedoes Mk 48 mod. 7 for the navies of Australia and Taiwan. The delivery of these torpedoes to the customers will take place four years after the contract is issued, learned BulgarianMilitary.com, citing Defense Express.

Photo credit: Lockeed Martin

The relevant information was published by the US Department of Defense on November 25, 2021.

The deal is being implemented through US government foreign military sales (FMS) and includes options, totaling about $ 1 billion.

The torpedo production will include the capacity of two companies from Science Applications International Corp – in Bedford, Indiana, which will take over 80% of the total workload; and in Middletown, Rhode Island, which will take 20% of the work. Most of the production of “digital” torpedoes for Australia and Taiwan should be completed by July 2025.

The heavy torpedo Mk 48 is equipped with an acoustic self-targeting system with complex sonar, fully digital guidance and control systems, and an improved power plant.

The digital torpedo guidance system has an option to update the software.

The latest version of the Mk 48 is mod.7, which is optimized for both traditional and new missions. This version is the result of a joint development program with the Royal Australian Navy and reached the stage of combat capability in 2006. Hardware upgrades have improved the software of the Mk 48, the torpedo can hit targets in the most difficult combat conditions.

Photo credit: Lockheed Martin

China builds own terrifying apocalypse torpedo

As we reported on November 1, specialists from the People’s Liberation Army of China conducted a unique test – they detonated a powerful non-nuclear charge underwater to simulate the destruction of a port with a closed harbor. The Chinese are working on a “miracle weapon” that will help destroy aircraft carriers and US naval bases, as the agency says.

This test was conducted as part of the development of weapons that will help destroy enemy naval bases and aircraft carriers. This was reported by the Chinese portal Global Times.

It is noted that before this underwater explosion, about 1,000 sensors were installed, which performed all possible measurements for scientific modeling of subsequent underwater explosions.

The Chinese claim that they managed to “erase from the face of the earth” all the coastal infrastructure of the port where the test took place in one underwater explosion. However, what kind of port it was – Chinese resources do not disclose.

China became the first country to conduct tests to destroy the coastal infrastructure of ports with an underwater explosion. The Chinese say that such developments are directly aimed at deterring the United States during the coming war at sea.

From these words, we can assume that China is developing its latest “miracle weapon” in case of a “great war” for Taiwan against the United States.

And, China, either conceptually or technologically, in this case, is trying to copy the Russian system “Status-6”, also known as “Poseidon” – an unmanned “super-torpedo” with a nuclear engine, which is also designed to defeat the navy bases and destruction of enemy ships at anchor. The Kremlin is also “targeting” such a “super-torpedo” against the United States.


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