Israel unveils precision anti-tank munitions with a powerful warhead

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TEL AVIV, ($1=3.10 Israeli Shekels) – At the Dubai Airshow 2021, the Israeli company UVision Air presented tactical anti-tank ammunition, learned, citing Defense Express. The company introduced HERO-30 barrage munitions, which the company previously claimed could be used for “surgical” attacks, HERO-120, which is capable of destroying armored targets, and HERO-400, which are designed to destroy fortified long-range targets.

Photo credit: UVision

Also at the exhibition, the company will present the HERO Training and Simulation System – a training system that provides realistic virtual training of operators from the entire series of barrage ammunition HERO.

The company emphasizes that the HERO barrage family of ammunition is specially designed to meet the specific requirements for launching from an air platform. With low acoustic, visual, radar, and thermal characteristics, as well as a powerful warhead to counter important and fortified targets, the systems can locate, track and strike hidden or moving objects with high accuracy. Hero systems suitable for use, including from several air platforms, have high flight speed in combat training and a modular payload designed for various electronic activities, as well as explosive “kinetic” charges, making them suitable for use in almost any long-range attack.

Photo credit: UVision

The company also said it was interested in the UAE market. “UVision considers the UAE an important market and we are working to strengthen the new partnership between our countries,” the company said in a statement.

“The Hero Barrage series provides unique battlefield capabilities, providing tactical units with unprecedented accuracy, minimizing sensor-to-shooter cycles, and maintaining operational independence. These capabilities have already been tested by NATO and other leading military commanders. UVision around the world,” said UVision CEO Major General [retired] Avi Mizrahi, commenting on the Dubai Airshow 2021.

He also spoke about plans to expand the company in the UAE. “The Abraham agreement opens up new opportunities for cooperation between UVision and the military in the UAE region. We plan to present our latest, state-of-the-art battle-tested munitions that meet the requirements of the region. UVision considers the UAE an important market and we are working to strengthen the new partnership between our countries,” said the director of UVision.

We recall that the Abraham Agreement between the United Arab Emirates and Israel was signed on September 15, 2020, with the mediation of the United States in the White House, and is a peace treaty that establishes full relations between the two countries.

The UAE thus became the third Arab country after Egypt in 1979 and Jordan in 1994 to formally agree to normalize relations with Israel. The UAE also became the first Gulf country to do so.

Photo credit: UVision

Previously, Israeli companies were not represented on the UAE market and did not participate in arms and air fairs held in that country.

It should also be noted that the use of barrage ammunition as a target of the Russian T-90 Breakthrough tank in the UAE may be symbolic and note the intention of Israeli companies to significantly displace Russian companies from this market, which are traditionally widespread. represented in this country. This may also reflect Israel’s attitude to Russia’s role in the conflict in Syria, which in particular delivered some modifications to the Russian T-90 tank.

Earlier, reported that Russia was preparing to use Russian T-90s against opposition forces, how Syrian rebels had successfully used ATGM Tow against Russian T-90s, and how T-90s were burning in Syria.

The Israeli company UVision Air Ltd. is a leader in creating a line of barrage ammunition to perform tasks to destroy a wide range of targets.

The HERO family includes 7 barrage ammunition (Hero-30, Hero-70, Hero-120, Hero-250, Hero-400EC, Hero-900, Hero-1250), designed to perform tasks at different distances using different types of combat heads. The HERO family allows you to strike precise blows in populated areas or remote areas with minimal side damage. Impact drones have low acoustic and thermal characteristics, are equipped with advanced stabilized electro-optical day/night cameras, and can be used from air, land, and sea.

Photo credit: UVision


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