Kel-Tec P50 pistol – bitter candy in a beautiful wrapper

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PANAGUIRISHTE, ($1=1.71 Bulgarian Levas) – Let’s talk about one very interesting pistol – the Kel-Tec P50 pistol. This is a new weapon, which was released in 2021. Manufacturer – USA. First, a little about the gun itself. Caliber 5.7×28 mm. The pistol uses magazines from the Belgian FN P90 with a capacity of 50 rounds.

Photo credit: Zen

The pistol itself is hung with strips for attaching various additional equipment, so there will be no problems with customization.

The layout of the store is interesting. The magazine is inserted into the receiver and is located parallel to the barrel. This allows you to use such a capacious magazine with relatively little damage to the size of the weapon. The pistol has a length of 38 cm, with a barrel length of 244 mm. And all this pleasure weighs almost one and a half kilograms, mind you without cartridges.

Photo credit: Zen

Naturally, a powerful cartridge for a pistol can be safely attributed to the advantages of weapons. Plus, the ammunition stock of as many as 50 rounds also says something. But as they say, the devil is in the details. When you start asking yourself questions, it turns out that not everything is so rosy.

The first thing that catches your eye is the pistol. Not a submachine gun. He does not fire bursts. Think about it: a pistol weighing one and a half kg and a length of almost 40 cm. A reasonable question arises: what for is it so necessary?

When the FN P90 was created, the goal of the developers there was obvious. Give the shooter the most compact, rapid-fire, and most powerful weapon. And, it should be noted that the Belgians generally succeeded. P90 can be used to cut trees.

What purpose the Americans pursued, creating their pistol, I do not understand. If the calculation was for the military consumer, then where is the auto fire? If on a civilian, then why such a large store. A civilian shooter and 20 rounds is already a lot. Why weren’t 2 versions born at once: with an auto-fire for warriors and a semi-automatic for civilians? In general, nothing is clear.

Photo credit: Zen

Further. This pistol simply lacks a stock. It does not exist at all, in any form. The kit contains only a strap that is attached to the lower part of the handle. When shooting, it must be tightened. This is supposed to extinguish part of the recoil. It seems to me personally that with a weight of 1.5 kg, you can completely forget about shooting with one hand. It turns out that this pistol is strictly two-handed. In the end, I will leave a video review of this pistol. Pay attention to the position of the shooter’s hands when he is aiming. Or just look at the photo above.

By the way, I completely forgot to mention the price. This product costs almost $ 1000. Not cheap at all, even by US standards. At the same time, this pistol has very worthy alternatives. Here’s an option for you: Ruger 57 cost about $599.99.

Photo credit: Zen

This is the well-known FN Five-Seven in its caliber. But pay attention to the price. It is significantly lower. Shop, by the way, for 20 rounds, which is also a lot.

So that you understand whether it’s expensive or cheap, here’s the price of a regular fifth-generation Glock 17. A very popular weapon in America and cost about $539.00.

But back to the Ruger 57. Additional 20-seat stores are available for just $63. This is the price for 2 pieces.

One more interesting feature of the Kel Tec pistol should be noted about the shops. The peculiarity is in the procedure for replacing it. Everything is really bad there. To replace the store, you need to open the receiver like the hood of a car. The store is inside. There can be no question of any high-speed reloading. The same Ruger recharges much faster.

Photo credit: Zen

It’s time to summarize the general summary. The pistol is replete with various oddities that are likely to ruin it on the commercial market. The gun was made without understanding the needs of the consumer. It is also not entirely clear what kind of consumer it is targeting. Neither for the military nor civilians, there is nothing in it that could hook the consumer. Strangely, this weapon was made by Kel Tec.

They, of course, have always been distinguished by strange weapons, but these weapons often gave the shooter at least some new advantages. What happened to this pistol is unclear. Against the background of the inflated price, I don’t think there will be many people willing to buy. That’s all.


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